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Resume Examples

800+ Free Resume Examples For Any Job

Check out the resumes below, organized by industry. You'll find a perfect sample resume for each profession, as well as design suggestions to make your resume stand out.

Child & Elder Care

Caring for children or elders is a rewarding job. It’s also one that future employers will want to know about when reviewing your resume. Use our caregiving samples as starting points to showcase your own skills and experiences.


Construction workers are the backbone of civilization. What would we do without them? Use our resume samples as a foundation to build your own and begin contributing to society.

Digital Art

In the digital age, resumes are like websites – always a work in progress. Use our resume samples as inspiration to help you build yours so it’s always up-to-date.

Fine Arts

The hardest part of writing a resume is often starting from scratch. But with our fine arts resume samples, you can get good inspiration and a head start on making your own masterpiece.


Looking to change jobs or get promoted? Sharpen your resume with our cutting-edge samples. They’ll show hiring managers that you know the latest healthcare trends.

Physical Health

Keep your resume in tip-top shape with our physical health and sciences resume samples.


Closing the deal on a new job starts with closing the deal on your resume. If you’re looking for inspiration, our sample resumes are what you need. Consider them as blueprints to help build your own perfect retail resume.

Spa & Salon

Relax and let us take care of your resume. We’ll give you the tips and knowledge needed to write a tranquil yet effective resume that will help you get hired faster.


You don’t have a lot of experience to list on your resume. What you do have is our attention! Use these tips and tricks - along with our sample resumes as study aids - and you’ll be sure to pass any test recruiters throw your way.


You move people and things around for a living. But you can’t get the job you want without an expertly crafted resume to get your foot in the door. Use our sample resumes as a roadmap to create your own.


Seeing the world is your passion and writing a resume? Not so much. Let our travel and tourism resume samples inspire you to craft one of your own. They’re sure to get you booking that next big trip.


You work in a field where first impressions matter. Check out our resume samples to see how you can put your best foot forward and land the job you want.