What makes us different

We launched in 2021, a small apartment in Belmont, California with a single thought in mind. Uncover people's potential. We believe creating a resume shouldn't be a hard task. That's why we created ResumeCat. An online resume maker tool that will assist you with everything you need creating a professional resume.


Creating a resume is not a simple task. In fact %97 of job seekers are not getting recognized because of that reason. Here are few facts about our resume builder.

  • Professional resume templates.
  • Pre-filled resume examples.
  • ATS friendly design.

Resume creation is art and science. We have studied over 30 case studies just to give you a resume that recruiters will respond. Sit back and relax. Take a sip of your coffee while we take care of your resume creation process.

We’re here to help

Our industry leading professional team is at your service. If you have any question, suggestion, critique or just want to say hi, ping us at hello@resumecat.com.

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