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Before you ever step foot in a HR recruiter’s office to interview for that dream job, your resume is the first thing that crosses their desk.

Because they can’t meet you firsthand to witness your witty personality, focused, driven work ethic, and ability to fit in well with any team, your resume has to do the talking for you.
That’s why it’s essential that your resume properly expresses who you are, what you bring to the table, and why they should immediately pick up the phone and get you in the building.
With ResumeCat you can be sure that your resume isn’t just being added to the pile; but that it stands out and makes recruiters take notice.

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Six seconds. That’s the average time recruiters spend looking at your resume. Especially in those high-powered jobs where hundreds of people are applying.

ResumeCat provides the support you need to create, format, and prepare your resume like a professional, so you can make every one of those seconds count. From white space to columns to easy-to-read titles and sections our tools can ensure you can fit your talents and aptitudes into each section with precision. More importantly, it’s fast, easy, and helps prepare you for your new career.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use ResumeCat for free?

Absolutely! ResumeCat has lots of different tools you can use for free.

Can I customize my resume?

We have professionally built templates that are designed to adapt to your content.

Can I download my resume as PDF?

Yes! After you complete your resume you will be able to download it as PDF with ease.

How can I cancel my account?

After login, you can easily manage everything account related in your "Account Settings" page.

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