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CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resume Examples

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This article will provide an in-depth guide to writing a resume for the position of Pharmacy Automation Technician at CVS. It will cover topics such as what qualifications and experience employers are looking for, how to highlight relevant skills, how to tailor your resume to the job description, and tips on how to make your application stand out.

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CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resume Example

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CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resume Example

Andersyn Thu, Pharmacy Automation Technician


(181) 417-1605

Concord, NH

Professional Summary

I am an experienced Pharmacy Automation Technician with over 1 year of experience in the field. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and techniques of pharmacy automation, including the installation and maintenance of various automated systems. Additionally, I am highly skilled in troubleshooting and repairing automated pharmacy equipment. I have a proven ability to provide excellent customer service, and I am well-versed in safety regulations related to the handling of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, I have a strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills, allowing me to efficiently manage multiple tasks and prioritize goals.

Work Experience

Senior Pharmacy Automation Technician at McKesson, NH

Nov 2022 - Present

  • Installed and tested 30 automated medication dispensing machines for McKesson, NH in under 6 weeks. This resulted in a 15% increase in efficiency and accuracy of medication delivery to patients.
  • Developed a new process for inventory management that reduced the time spent on restocking supplies by 20% while ensuring accuracy in all orders.
  • Streamlined the maintenance process of the automated dispensing machines, resulting in a decrease of downtime of 25%.

Pharmacy Automation Technician at CVS Health, NH

Sep 2022 - Oct 2022

  • Implemented a new automated system at CVS Health, NH, resulting in improved efficiency of pharmacy operations and a decrease in prescription wait times by 25%.
  • Successfully trained 5 pharmacy staff members on the use of the new automated pharmacy system, resulting in a 99% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Developed an automated system for tracking patient medication records, resulting in a 50% reduction in errors made due to manual data entry.


Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Automation Technology at New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH

Sep 2018 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Pharmacy Automation, Automation Pharmaceutical Technology, Introduction to Pharmacy Practice, and Pharmaceutical Calculations.


  • Computer literacy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Inventory management
  • Technical knowledge
  • Communication skills


  • Certified Pharmacy Automation Technician (CPAT)
  • Robotics and Automated Systems Certification for Pharmacists (RASP)

Tips for Writing a Better CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resume

1. Use a professional summary: Your professional summary should concisely explain your experience and qualifications relevant to the CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician position. Keep it brief and focus on your key accomplishments, such as increasing pharmacy efficiency through automation or leading successful projects.

2. Showcase your skills: List any technical skills you have that are related to CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician work, such as working with automated systems, programming and troubleshooting.

3. Highlight successes: Include specific examples of how you improved processes or increased customer satisfaction while working in a similar role. This will help show potential employers that you can be an asset to their team.

4. Provide certifications: If applicable, include any certifications that demonstrate your knowledge of the field, such as CPhT certification or certification from other organizations like CompTIA or Microsoft.

5. Use keywords: Be sure to include words related to the job opening in your resume so that it is more likely to be found by recruiters and hiring managers when they search for qualified candidates online.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resumes

When applying for a Pharmacy Automation Technician opportunity at CVS, it is important to incorporate keywords from the job description into your application. This is because CVS uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) when reviewing applications. ATSs are automated systems that scan resumes and cover letters for certain keywords and phrases related to the job requirements. Therefore, if you include relevant keywords from the job description in your application materials, you will have a better chance of being selected for an interview.

When applying for a pharmacy automation technician position at CVS, you may encounter common skills and key terms such as:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
TroubleshootingComputer Programming
Electrical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
NetworkingDatabase Management
Quality AssuranceProject Management
Inventory ControlProcess Improvement
Documentation SkillsTechnical Writing
Pharmacy Software KnowledgeRobotics Maintenance
Regulatory ComplianceData Analysis
System IntegrationCommunication Skills
Problem-Solving SkillsAttention to Detail

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Common Action Verbs for CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on a resume can be difficult. It is important to use varied verbs in order to create a unique, eye-catching resume for a CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician. Using the same words over and over again can make your resume dull and uninteresting. Instead, try to find words that accurately describe the tasks you have completed and the skills you possess. Examples of action verbs that could be used on a CVS Pharmacy Automation Technician include: programmed, installed, maintained, tested, troubleshot, operated, analyzed, evaluated, managed, optimized and upgraded.

Gain a competitive edge with our list of powerful action verbs that will strengthen your resume and help you land your next interview:

Action Verbs

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