What does an Order Filler do?

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An order filler is a person who works in a warehouse or store and is responsible for filling customer orders. This may involve picking items off shelves or out of bins, packing them into boxes, and labeling the boxes for shipment.

Order Filler job duties include:

  • Read customer orders and receive verbal instructions for order fulfillment
  • Check inventory records to identify items available for order fulfillment
  • Select items from shelves and bins according to customer orders and instructions
  • Count selected items to verify accuracy of order
  • Record quantities of items selected on customer orders
  • Prepare items for shipment by wrapping, packing, and labeling them according to shipping requirements
  • Weigh items and calculate shipping charges
  • Affix postage to packages and arrange for pick-up by shipping carrier
  • Notify customers of delays in order fulfillment and expected delivery dates

Order Filler Job Requirements

Most order fillers have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some jobs may require certification, but it is typically not required. Order fillers need to have basic math skills and the ability to read and understand English. They also need to be able to lift heavy objects and stand for long periods of time.

Order Filler Skills

  • Organization
  • Picking orders
  • Wrapping orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Inventory management
  • Data entry
  • Forklift operation
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management

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How to become an Order Filler

An order filler is responsible for filling customer orders and ensuring that they are correct before they are shipped. There are a few steps you can take to become an order filler.

First, it is important to have basic math skills. This will be helpful in calculating quantities of items and ensuring that the correct items are being shipped.

Next, it is important to be able to read and understand customer orders. This will ensure that you are filling the orders correctly and that you are not missing any important information.

It is also important to be able to lift heavy boxes and to be comfortable working on your feet for long periods of time. Order fillers typically work in warehouses and may be required to do a lot of walking and lifting throughout their shift.

If you have these skills and qualities, then you may be well-suited for a career as an order filler. To get started, you could look for open positions at warehouses or distribution centers in your area.

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