What does a Leasing Assistant do?

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A Leasing Assistant is responsible for coordinating and executing the leasing process for a property. This includes working with potential tenants to show them units, negotiating leases, and ensuring all paperwork is completed. The Leasing Assistant may also be responsible for marketing the property and conducting open houses.

Leasing Assistant job duties include:

  • Greeting prospective tenants and showing properties
  • Answering phone calls and emails from prospective tenants
  • Processing applications and conducting background checks
  • Drafting and executing leases
  • Collecting rent payments and security deposits
  • Handling maintenance requests and coordinating with vendors
  • Inspecting properties periodically to ensure they are well-maintained
  • Preparing marketing materials to advertise vacant units
  • Keeping accurate records of all financial transactions

Leasing Assistant Job Requirements

A Leasing Assistant typically needs a high school diploma, although some jobs may require postsecondary education, and must complete on-the-job training. Some states have certification requirements for real estate agents. A Leasing Assistant should have good customer service, sales, and marketing skills, as well as knowledge of the area in which they will be working. They should be able to use computers and office equipment, and have basic math skills.

Leasing Assistant Skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Customer service
  • Computer skills
  • Data entry
  • Filing
  • Scanning
  • Multi-tasking
  • Prioritizing
  • Time management

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How to become a Leasing Assistant

The first step to becoming a leasing assistant is to research the position and learn as much as possible about what the job entails. Once you have a good understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a leasing assistant, you can begin to look for opportunities to gain experience in the field. Many leasing assistants start out working in customer service or administrative roles in property management firms. This type of experience can be helpful in learning how to deal with customers and handle paperwork associated with leases.

Another important step in becoming a leasing assistant is to develop strong people skills. Since much of the job involves interacting with potential tenants, it is important to be able to communicate effectively and build rapport with others. Leasing assistants need to be able to listen to customer needs and match them with available properties. They should also be able to negotiate lease terms and resolve any conflicts that may arise.

If you are interested in becoming a leasing assistant, it is also important to have basic computer skills and be familiar with common office software applications. Many property management firms use online databases to store information about available units, so being able to navigate these systems is essential. In some cases, leasing assistants may also be responsible for creating marketing materials or website content, so writing skills can also be beneficial.

With the right mix of experience, people skills, and computer literacy, you can become a successful leasing assistant and help people find their perfect home.

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