What does a Technical Training Manager do?

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A technical training manager is responsible for the development and implementation of technical training programs. They work with subject matter experts to identify training needs and develop instructional materials. They also deliver training to employees and assess the effectiveness of training programs.

Technical Training Manager job duties include:

  • Design and develop technical training programs
  • Conduct needs assessments to determine training requirements
  • Develop instructional materials and aids such as manuals, exercises, and multimedia visual aids
  • Select and assign instructors to lead training sessions
  • Schedule training sessions and facilities
  • Evaluate instructor performance and the effectiveness of training programs
  • Coordinate the logistics of technical training events such as conferences and workshops
  • Monitor industry trends and developments to ensure that technical training programs remain current
  • Manage the budget for the technical training department
  • Keep abreast of new developments in adult learning theory and instructional design

Technical Training Manager Job Requirements

A Technical Training Manager typically needs a bachelor's degree in education, training, or a related field. Certification in technical training or a related field is also helpful. Experience managing technical training programs is also required.

Technical Training Manager Skills

  • Designing technical training programs
  • Developing technical training materials
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Identifying training gaps
  • Creating learning objectives
  • Mapping out training plans
  • Facilitating technical training sessions
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training
  • Coaching and mentoring employees
  • Managing budgets
  • Staying up-to-date on industry trends

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How to become a Technical Training Manager

A technical training manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the technical training programs for an organization. They work with subject matter experts to develop training content and materials, and then deliver that content to employees through a variety of methods, including classroom instruction, e-learning courses, and on-the-job training.

To become a technical training manager, you will need a combination of education and experience in both technical and instructional fields. A bachelor’s degree in education, instructional design, or a related field is a good start. You will also need several years of experience working in a technical role within your organization so that you understand the content you will be teaching. And finally, you should have experience leading or coordinating training programs.

If you have the necessary education and experience, the next step is to develop your skills as an instructional designer and trainer. There are many resources available to help you do this, including books, online courses, and professional development workshops. Once you feel confident in your ability to develop and deliver engaging training content, you can start applying for jobs as a technical training manager.

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