What does a Sharepoint Analyst do?

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A Sharepoint Analyst is responsible for analyzing an organization's needs and developing Sharepoint-based solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. They work with clients to understand their business processes and needs, and then design and implement Sharepoint-based solutions that meet those needs. They also provide training and support to users of the Sharepoint system.

Sharepoint Analyst job duties include:

  • SharePoint analysts are responsible for analyzing an organization’s business needs and designing SharePoint solutions to meet those needs.
  • They work closely with business stakeholders, developers, and other IT professionals to ensure that SharePoint solutions are aligned with business goals and objectives.
  • SharePoint analysts are responsible for documenting business requirements, functional specifications, and other project-related documentation.
  • They also create user manuals, training materials, and other forms of documentation to help users learn how to use SharePoint effectively.
  • In addition to their design and analysis responsibilities, SharePoint analysts also play a key role in the implementation and rollout of SharePoint solutions.
  • They work closely with developers to ensure that SharePoint solutions are properly configured and deployed.
  • Once a SharePoint solution is up and running, SharePoint analysts are responsible for monitoring its performance and making sure that it meets the needs of the business.
  • They also provide user support when necessary and work with the development team to resolve any technical issues that may arise.

Sharepoint Analyst Job Requirements

Sharepoint analysts typically have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. They may also have certification in Sharepoint from Microsoft or another provider. Sharepoint analysts typically have 2-4 years of experience working with Sharepoint and other enterprise software platforms.

Sharepoint Analyst Skills

  • SharePoint
  • Business analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • Stakeholder management
  • Process improvement
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Configuration
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Development

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How to become a Sharepoint Analyst

A Sharepoint analyst is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Sharepoint server. They work closely with the Sharepoint administrator to ensure that the server is running smoothly and efficiently. They also work with users to help them troubleshoot any issues they may be having with the server.

To become a Sharepoint analyst, you will need to have a strong understanding of the Sharepoint platform. You should be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and have a good working knowledge of the various features of the platform. You will also need to be able to effectively communicate with users, as you will be working closely with them to help resolve any issues they may be having.

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