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Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resume Examples

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This article will provide a comprehensive guide on crafting a compelling resume for the position of Public Relations Specialist at Starbucks. It will delve into the essential elements to include, such as relevant professional experience, skills pertinent to public relations, and notable achievements. The guide will also highlight how to tailor your resume specifically to Starbucks' mission and values, emphasizing experiences that showcase your ability to build relationships, manage corporate communication strategies, and handle crisis management. Furthermore, it will advise on illustrating your knowledge about the coffee industry and passion for Starbucks' brand in your resume's content. This article aims to help you create an impactful resume that stands out in the competitive job market and propels you towards your career goal at Starbucks.

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Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resume Example

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Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resume Example

Machele Lionetti, Public Relations Specialist


(468) 310-8926

Anchorage, AK

Professional Summary

Highly motivated Public Relations Specialist with 1 year of experience working in a fast-paced corporate setting. Proven ability to manage multiple projects, develop strategic public relations campaigns, and effectively communicate with various stakeholders. Strong interpersonal skills with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of media relations. Proficient in utilizing digital platforms and social media to boost company image and brand awareness. Dedicated to fostering positive relationships and promoting company values.

Work Experience

Public Relations Specialist at Thompson & Co. Public Relations, AK

Jul 2023 - Present

  • Managed and executed a successful public relations campaign for a major client, resulting in a 30% increase in brand visibility and a 20% increase in sales over a six-month period.
  • Successfully pitched and secured coverage for clients in high-profile media outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, and CNN, leading to a 25% increase in client media exposure.
  • Developed and implemented a crisis management strategy for a high-profile client, effectively mitigating negative press and reducing potential reputational damage by 50%.

Associate Public Relations Specialist at Brilliant Media Strategies, AK

Jul 2022 - May 2023

  • Successfully managed a crisis communication campaign for a client facing significant negative publicity, resulting in a 50% reduction in negative media coverage within 3 months.
  • Implemented a social media strategy for a new product launch that reached over 1 million impressions within the first week, surpassing initial projections by 30%.
  • Coordinated and executed a city-wide public relations event for a major client, attracting over 500 attendees and securing coverage in all local media outlets.


Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations at University of Alaska Anchorage, AK

Sep 2018 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Public Relations Principles, Media Writing, Strategic Communication, Digital Media Production, Crisis Communication, Media Law and Ethics, Campaign Planning, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations Research, and Intercultural Communication.


  • Crisis Management
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Event Coordination
  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning


  • Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)
  • Certified Public Relations Specialist (CPRS)

Tips for Writing a Better Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resume

1. Tailor your resume to the job: Ensure that your resume reflects the skills and qualifications required for the Starbucks Public Relations Specialist position. Read the job description carefully and highlight relevant experience, skills, and achievements.

2. Include relevant work experience: When listing your work history, start with your most recent job and work backwards. Make sure to include any experience you have in public relations, communications, or similar fields.

3. Highlight specific achievements: Instead of just listing your responsibilities at previous jobs, focus on what you achieved during your tenure. Did you increase media coverage? Did you successfully manage a crisis? These are things that will make you stand out.

4. Showcase communication skills: As a PR specialist, excellent communication skills are key. Make sure to include examples of written and verbal communication skills in your resume.

5. Include relevant education and certifications: If you have a degree in PR, communications, journalism or a related field, be sure to include it on your resume. Also include any relevant certifications or training courses you've completed.

6. Show off technical skills: In today's digital world, having technical skills can be a big advantage in PR roles. If you're familiar with social media platforms, SEO strategies or content management systems make sure to mention these.

7. Use action verbs: Action verbs like "managed", "led", "developed" etc., can make your resume more dynamic and engaging.

8. Proofread before sending: Always proofread your resume multiple times before sending it off to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

9. Keep it concise: Avoid including unnecessary information in your resume – keep it focused on the role at hand and ensure every point included is relevant to the job application.

10. Use professional language and format: The presentation of your resume matters as much as its content; always use professional language and adhere to standard formats for writing resumes.

11. Quantify achievements where possible: This helps give hiring managers a clearer picture of what you’re capable of achieving e.g., “Increased social media engagement by 50%”.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resumes

In the modern job application process, companies like Starbucks often employ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their recruitment. These systems are designed to scan resumes and cover letters for specific keywords that match the requirements of the job description. As such, when applying for a position as a Public Relations Specialist at Starbucks, it's crucial to incorporate relevant keywords from the job posting into your application materials. This could include terms like "media relations," "crisis management," or "brand development." By doing so, you increase your chances of your application being flagged by the ATS as a strong match, leading to higher chances of getting called in for an interview. Not including these keywords could result in your application being overlooked, regardless of how qualified you may be.

When applying for public relations specialist positions at Starbucks, you may encounter a list of common skills and key terms.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Excellent Communication SkillsStrong Writing Abilities
Social Media ExpertiseStrategic Planning
Crisis ManagementMedia Relations Knowledge
Event CoordinationBranding and Reputation Management
Content CreationResearch Skills
Networking AbilitiesCreativity and Innovation
Public Speaking SkillsSEO and Analytics Understanding
Project Management SkillsAbility to Work Under Pressure
Influencer EngagementAttention to Detail
Problem-Solving SkillsUnderstanding of PR Tools and Software
Negotiation SkillsCultural Awareness

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Common Action Verbs for Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resumes

Creating a Starbucks Public Relations Specialist Resume requires careful thought and word choice, particularly when it comes to using action verbs. Using the same verb repeatedly can make the resume monotonous and may fail to adequately highlight one's skills and experiences. However, finding different action verbs can be challenging due to the limited variety of words that accurately describe certain tasks or responsibilities. Despite this difficulty, it is crucial to use varied action verbs as they help to create a dynamic resume that stands out. They not only show your ability to perform different tasks but also demonstrate your creativity and adaptability, which are essential qualities for a Public Relations Specialist at Starbucks.

To enhance your competitive advantage, we've curated a list of impactful action verbs that you can incorporate into your resume to secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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