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CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resume Examples

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This article will provide readers with advice on how to craft an effective resume for a position as a Cosmetics Consultant at CVS. It will cover topics such as highlighting relevant experience, using appropriate language and keywords, and emphasizing transferable skills that make the candidate stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it will provide tips on how to showcase customer service expertise and knowledge of makeup products to help increase chances of getting the job.

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CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resume Example

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CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resume Example

Jamani Reckling, Cosmetics Consultant


(837) 365-8967

Little Rock, AR

Professional Summary

As a Cosmetics Consultant with over 1 year of experience, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of beauty products and the ability to provide exceptional customer service. I am committed to helping customers select the right cosmetics and beauty products that best fit their needs. I have a strong background in sales, customer service, and product knowledge. I am also experienced in inventory management and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Through my experience, I have achieved success in driving sales, building customer loyalty, and delivering superior customer service. My goal is to leverage my experience and knowledge to help customers make informed decisions about their beauty products.

Work Experience

Senior Cosmetics Consultant at Estee Lauder, AR

Jan 2023 - Present

  • Achieved a 25% increase in sales revenue within the first year of employment. In the first 6 months alone, I was able to exceed my sales goals by 10%, exceeding the company's expectations.
  • Developed and implemented a customer loyalty program that increased customer retention rate by 15%. This program included exclusive discounts and rewards for repeat customers.
  • Trained and mentored four junior consultants, who went on to become top-tier sales performers in their own right. My team achieved a total of $20,000 in additional sales revenue during the quarter, surpassing our initial projections by 10%.

Cosmetics Consultant at Sephora, AR

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

  • Exceeded sales targets by 25%: As a cosmetics consultant at Sephora, AR, I exceeded my monthly sales targets by 25%, consistently achieving the highest sales numbers in the store.
  • Increased customer loyalty rate by 20%: Through my outstanding customer service and product knowledge, I increased the customer loyalty rate by 20%.
  • Developed profitable new product lines: I identified opportunities to develop new product lines that generated an additional $5,000 in sales each month, increasing overall profitability for the store.


Diploma in Cosmetics Consultancy at Arkansas Beauty School, Little Rock, AR

Sep 2018 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Skin Care, Makeup Artistry, Color Theory, Business Development, and Product Knowledge.


  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Product Knowledge
  • Makeup Application
  • Merchandising
  • Brand Promotion
  • Communication


  • Certified Beauty Consultant (CBC)
  • Professional Makeup Artist Certification

Tips for Writing a Better CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resume

1. Focus on Relevant Experience: When writing your CVS Cosmetics Consultant resume, make sure to focus on any experience that is relevant to the job at hand. Include details of any previous customer service or sales roles, as well as any experience you have working with cosmetics.

2. Highlight Your Skills: Make sure to highlight any skills that you have that would be beneficial in this role. This includes knowledge of makeup and beauty products, customer service skills, and sales techniques.

3. Use Keywords: To ensure your resume gets noticed by potential employers, use keywords from the job description throughout your resume. This will help it stand out in applicant tracking systems (ATS).

4. Use a Professional Resume Format: The format of your resume should be professional and easy to read; opt for a reverse-chronological format which highlights your most recent experience first.

5. Proofread Your Resume: Before submitting it for review, make sure to proofread and edit your CVS Cosmetics Consultant resume thoroughly for any typos or errors that could detract from its overall quality.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resumes

It is essential to include keywords from the job description when applying for a Cosmetics Consultant opportunity at CVS. This is because CVS utilizes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter through resumes. ATS software scans resumes for keywords that match the job description, so incorporating these words into your resume can help ensure that it passes through the system and reaches a human reviewer. Therefore, including relevant keywords from the job description in your application materials can increase your chances of getting noticed by CVS recruiters.

When applying for cosmetics consultant positions at CVS, you may encounter the following list of common skills and key terms:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Makeup applicationSkincare advice
Product knowledgeColor matching
Sales techniquesCustomer service
Communication skillsMerchandising
Brand awarenessBeauty trends
Problem-solvingTime management
Computer literacyNetworking
ProfessionalismAttention to detail
CreativityInterpersonal skills

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Common Action Verbs for CVS Cosmetics Consultant Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on your resume can be difficult, and it’s important to create a varied list of words that accurately reflect your skillset. As a cosmetics consultant, you may want to consider words such as 'advised,' 'consulted,' 'demonstrated' and 'recommended.' These verbs will help to showcase your knowledge of beauty products and services, as well as your ability to assist customers in their selection process. Additionally, they'll give potential employers an idea of how you interact with customers and how you might handle similar situations in the future.

Boost your resume and stand out from the crowd with this comprehensive list of powerful action verbs. Use these to highlight your skills and experiences, giving you a competitive edge and increasing your chances of landing your next interview!

Action Verbs

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