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Housekeeping Aide Resume Examples

Writing a great housekeeping aide resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

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If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own housekeeping aide resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the housekeeping aide job you're after.

Housekeeping Aide Resume Example

Resume samples

Correne Gazarian

correne.gazarian@gmail.com | (767) 147-4967 | St. Paul, MN


I am a housekeeping aide with over 1 year of experience in the industry. I have worked in various settings, including hotels, hospitals, and private residences. I am responsible for cleaning rooms and common areas, as well as laundry and linen service. I take pride in my work and pay attention to detail to ensure that each guest has a comfortable stay.


Housekeeping Aide at ServiceMaster, MNJun 2022 - Present

  • Cleaned an average of 15 rooms per shift.
  • Mopped and vacuumed all floors in guest rooms.
  • Changed linens and made beds in all guest rooms.
  • Dusted and polished all furniture in guest rooms.
  • Emptied trash cans and dispose of garbage properly.

Housekeeping Aide II at Merry Maids, MNJul 2021 - Apr 2022

  • Maintained cleanliness of 15 guest rooms per day on average, ensuring that all trash was removed and surfaces were dusted.
  • Stripped used linens from beds and replaced with fresh ones.
  • Replenished supplies such as soap, shampoo, towels, and coffee in each room.
  • Vacuumed carpets and mopped floors in every room.
  • Washed windowsills, mirrors, toilets, showers/bathtubs.


High School Diploma at Roseville Area High School, Roseville, MNAug 2017 - May 2021

I've learned how to effectively communicate with others, how to manage my time wisely, and how to work independently and as part of a team.


  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping

Cami Garnes

cami.garnes@gmail.com | (454) 506-3489 | 2101 L Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20037, United States


I am a highly experienced Housekeeping Aide with over 1 year of experience in the industry. I have worked in various settings, including hotels, hospitals, and private residences. I am well-versed in all aspects of housekeeping, from cleaning and laundry to providing excellent customer service. I take pride in my work and strive to always provide the best possible service to my clients. In addition to my experience, I also have a strong work ethic and attention to detail which makes me an asset to any team.


Housekeeping Aide at Maid Brigade, LAJun 2022 - Present

  • I cleaned an average of 15 rooms per shift.
  • I restocked supplies in all rooms on my floor every day.
  • I received positive feedback from guests about the cleanliness of their room.
  • I completed deep cleaning projects for VIP guests and special events.
  • I worked with a team of housekeepers to clean a large event space.
  • I followed safety protocols at all times while using chemicals and equipment.

Housekeeping Aide II at The Cleaning Authority, LAJul 2021 - Apr 2022

  • Cleaned 15 rooms and bathrooms per shift, ensuring that all surfaces were sanitized and free of dirt and debris.
  • Stripped used linens from beds and replaced with fresh ones.
  • Replenished room supplies such as towels, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Vacuumed carpets, dusted furniture, polished floors using electric floor buffer.
  • Inspected guest rooms after cleaning to ensure they met standards.
  • Reported any maintenance or repair issues to supervisor.


High School Diploma at Louisiana State University, LASep 2017 - May 2021

I've learned how to study for exams, how to do research, and how to write papers.


  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping

Key Elements of a Housekeeping Aide Resume

A Housekeeping Aide Resume is an important paper. It shows your skills, past jobs, and training for a housekeeping aide job. This resume helps you make a good first impression on bosses who might hire you. It can really help you get the job. You need to take care in making it. You should show things like your past work, skills, certificates, and schooling. We will talk about the parts of a housekeeping aide resume next. We will explain why they matter and what they should have. We will also give advice on how to make each part special.

1. Contact Information

On any resume, like a Housekeeping Aide's, your contact info is vital. It should be easy to spot and find, usually at the top of the page. This gives bosses your details so they can call you for more talks or job chats.

How to List Contact Information for a Housekeeping Aide Resume

Your contact info should have your full name, phone number, and work email. Keep your email looking professional; using your first and last names together often works best. Stay away from silly nicknames or emails that don't sound serious.

You might want to add your home address too. But in our tech world today, this isn't always needed unless the boss asks for it. If you're looking for jobs in other cities or states, it might be smarter to leave out your address to dodge any possible bias.

Some people choose to add their LinkedIn profile or professional website if they have one. But this is up to you and should only be done if the info on these sites is current and makes you look professional.

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (Professional)
  • (Optional) Home Address
  • (Optional) LinkedIn Profile/Professional Website

Always remember: being correct is important when giving contact info. Double-check all numbers and spelling so bosses can get hold of you without problems.

2. Objective Statement

The goal statement is a key part of a Housekeeping Aide resume. It's usually the first thing potential bosses read, setting the mood for your entire resume. This short declaration should plainly state your career ambitions and how they match the housekeeping aide role you're seeking.

A well-made goal statement can grab hiring managers' attention powerfully. It should briefly spotlight your abilities, past experience, and what you can contribute to the job. For instance, a goal statement might be "Detail-focused professional with over 5 years of experience in delivering top-notch home cleaning services looking for a Housekeeping Aide role to use my skills in keeping cleanliness and order."

It's vital to customize your goal statement for each job application. Ensure it mirrors not only your skills but also your grasp of the job's demands and how you can add value.

  • Brief: An effective goal statement is brief.
  • Easy to understand: It should be easy for potential employers to understand.
  • Persuasive: Your goal statement should persuade hiring managers that you are the right fit for their company.
  • Adds value: It gives potential bosses a solid reason to keep reading your resume.

In conclusion, it should persuade them that you possess relevant abilities and experiences that make you the perfect fit for their housekeeping aide role.

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3. Skills and Competencies

Mastery in Cleaning: As a Housekeeping Aide, your main job is to keep things clean. This means you need to know all about cleaning methods, how to use cleaning tools and chemicals, laundry steps, and ways to get rid of trash.

Eye for Detail: This skill is key because it makes sure every spot gets cleaned. It also means noticing when supplies are low or if something needs fixing.

Physical Strength and Quickness: Housekeeping Aides are often on their feet, moving around, picking up heavy stuff, bending or kneeling. So being fit is really important for this job.

Time Management: You should be able to finish your tasks on time while still doing a great job.

Talking Skills: It's important to be good at talking so you can understand instructions and talk with clients or team members well.

Customer-Service Skills: Since a Housekeeping Aide might talk directly with clients or guests, having great customer service skills can make them happy.

Being Organized: These skills help you manage supplies, plan cleaning schedules well and make sure all tasks get done in an organized way.

Safety Knowledge: Knowing safety rules related to cleaning and using chemicals is really important in this job so no accidents happen or things don't get ruined.

Flexibility: Being able to change your schedule or routine is helpful in a housekeeping job because unexpected things might come up.

Solving Problems:If you can quickly find solutions when there are problems like tough stains or broken equipment, that's a big plus for this job.

Don't forget that these skills should not just be listed but also shown through examples from your past jobs whenever you can.

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4. Work Experience

The "Work Experience" part of a Housekeeping Aide resume is vital. It's where you outline your past jobs, duties, and wins in housekeeping. This section lets you show off your hands-on experience and how you've used your skills.

Start with your latest job, then list older ones in reverse order. For each job, put the title, employer's name and place, and when you worked there.

  • Under each job, give a short rundown of what you did. As a Housekeeping Aide, this could be cleaning rooms and common spaces, doing laundry, keeping track of cleaning supplies or helping guests or residents.
  • Use action words to start each point for effect. Like: "Kept count of all cleaning supplies," or "Gave top-notch service to hotel guests."
  • Make sure to spotlight any wins or special successes in these jobs. Maybe you got praised for excellent work or started a new process that made things more efficient. These facts will help future bosses see what you can do.

If you've worked in different places like homes, hotels or hospitals; say so as it shows flexibility.

For those with less housekeeping experience but relevant experience elsewhere, focus on skills that can be used in many areas like being detail-oriented, managing time well or working on your own.

In the end, the "Work Experience" part isn't just about listing past jobs; it's a chance to show future bosses that you have the hands-on experience and proven success they want in a Housekeeping Aide.

5. Education and Certifications

The "Schooling and Credentials" part of a Housekeeping Aide resume is key. It displays the official education and skills a candidate has. Usually, a high school diploma or its equivalent is the base educational need for housekeeping aides. But, extra credentials can boost chances of getting hired.

  1. High School Diploma or Similar: This is the basic schooling needed for housekeeping aides. It shows that candidates have core skills like reading, writing, and simple math.
  2. Job Training: Some candidates might have done job training in housekeeping or service industries. These programs teach handy skills such as cleaning methods, laundry tasks, cleanliness rules, and safety steps.
  3. Credential Programs: Credentials can make a candidate stand out by showing their dedication to career growth and skill mastery. For instance, the International Executive Housekeepers Association gives out Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH) and Registered Executive Housekeeper (REH) titles. These programs need field experience plus passing written tests.
  4. Specialized Training: Some housekeeping aides may have had special training in areas like eco-friendly cleaning methods or dealing with hazardous waste. Such unique skills should be spotlighted in this section.
  5. First Aid/CPR Credential: While not required, having a First Aid or CPR credential can be an extra plus as it shows readiness to handle emergencies.
  6. Ongoing Education: Any classes taken to enhance relevant abilities or knowledge should also be noted here.

Remember, when noting your education and credentials on your resume, begin with your highest level of schooling first then any extra credentials or trainings you've gained over time.

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6. References

The "References" section is a vital part of a Housekeeping Aide resume. It offers potential bosses contacts who can back up your abilities, work attitude, and overall performance in past housekeeping jobs. This section lets you show how reliable and credible you are as a professional.

When picking references, select people who can confidently talk about your housekeeping experience. These could be past employers, supervisors, or even clients if you've done independent housekeeping tasks. They should be individuals who have seen you do job-related tasks and can give specific examples of your skills.

Always ask for permission before listing anyone as a reference on your Housekeeping Aide resume. Also, confirm their best contact details. Doing this shows respect for their time and ensures they won't be surprised by a call from possible employers.

Most resumes need three references. List their names, job titles or how they know you (like "Former Employer"), phone numbers, and email addresses. It's also good to add some information about the type of working relationship you had with them.

  • Name
  • Job Title/Relationship
  • Contact Details
  • Type of Working Relationship

The "References" section should be clearly marked at the end of your resume. Some applicants prefer to write "References available upon request" instead of giving this information directly on their resume. But having this information ready can make things easier for hiring managers during the selection process.

In conclusion, well-picked references can greatly increase your chances of getting a housekeeping aide job by offering third-party proof of your skills and experience.

7. Accomplishments or Awards

In the "Achievements or Honors" part of a Housekeeping Aide resume, applicants should spotlight any accomplishments, recognitions, or awards earned in their career. This section can greatly boost your profile by showing your commitment, effort, and outstanding performance in past roles.

If you've been praised for top-notch service, productivity, or creativity in your housekeeping job, this is where to share it. Maybe you were named 'Employee of the Month' or lauded for upholding superior cleanliness standards at various properties. Or perhaps you introduced a new method that boosted efficiency or cut costs. These are all significant achievements that can make you stand out from other applicants.

However, be sure to be precise and honest about your achievements. Include specifics like who honored you, what exactly the award was for and when it occurred. If feasible, quantify your successes with numbers or percentages as they offer tangible proof of your triumphs.

  • Who honored you?
  • What was the award for?
  • When did it occur?

Even if you haven't received official awards or recognition, consider times when you exceeded your usual duties and made a positive difference. Maybe you covered extra shifts during a staff shortage or regularly got positive reviews from clients for your thorough attention to detail.

Finally, remember to connect these achievements back to how they can aid potential employers. This will help them grasp why these accomplishments are important and how they make you an ideal candidate for the housekeeping aide role.

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