What does a Product Developer do?

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A product developer is responsible for the creation and improvement of products. This may include coming up with new ideas for products, improving existing products, or developing new ways to manufacture or distribute products.

Product Developer job duties include:

  • Developing new products and improving existing products
  • Conducting market research to identify customer needs and trends
  • Working with cross-functional teams to bring products to market
  • Creating product requirements and specifications
  • Developing product prototypes and conducting user testing
  • Managing the product development process from conception to launch
  • Overseeing quality control of finished products
  • Analyzing sales data to inform product development decisions
  • Coordinating with marketing, sales, and other departments on product launches and promotions
  • Providing post-launch support for products

Product Developer Job Requirements

A product developer is responsible for the creation and design of new products for a company. They work closely with engineers and other members of the product development team to create products that are both functional and appealing to customers. A product developer typically has a bachelor's degree in industrial design or a related field. In some cases, companies may require certification from a professional organization such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Product developers typically have several years of experience working in product development or a related field before being promoted to this position.

Product Developer Skills

  • Product development
  • Creating prototypes
  • Designing products
  • CAD
  • 3D printing
  • Product management
  • Marketing
  • Research and development
  • Creating bill of materials
  • Working with suppliers
  • Quality control
  • Project management

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How to become a Product Developer

Product developers are responsible for the creation and design of new products for a company. They work closely with engineers, marketing, and sales teams to ensure that the products they develop are not only marketable and profitable, but also feasible and safe to produce.

Becoming a product developer requires a combination of formal education and experience in the field. Most product developers have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, or another relevant field. However, many companies prefer to hire candidates with master’s degrees or even PhDs. In addition to formal education, product developers must also have experience working with the type of products they want to develop. For example, someone who wants to develop medical devices will need to have experience working in the medical field.

The best way to gain experience as a product developer is to intern or work in entry-level positions at companies that develop the type of products you’re interested in. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the product development process from start to finish. You’ll also get to see firsthand how different teams (engineering, marketing, sales, etc.) work together to bring new products to market.

Once you have the necessary education and experience, you can start applying for product development jobs at companies of your choice. To increase your chances of being hired, it’s important to highlight your relevant skills and experiences on your resume and during job interviews. It’s also helpful to network with people who work in product development; they may be able to put you in touch with hiring managers or help you get your foot in the door at their company.

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