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PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager Resume Examples

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on crafting a compelling resume for a Brand Activation Manager position at PepsiCo. It focuses on highlighting relevant experience, demonstrating your ability to drive brand engagement, and showcasing successful marketing campaigns. Tips on emphasizing leadership skills, creativity, and results-driven strategies are also included to help you stand out.

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Brand Activation Manager Resume Example (Text)

Kaylah Milbury, Brand Activation Manager


(510) 603-3042

Newport News, VA

Professional Summary

A dynamic and results-oriented Brand Activation Manager with one year of experience in planning and executing compelling brand campaigns that enhance brand awareness and drive market engagement. Skilled in collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop innovative marketing strategies, manage promotional events, and leverage digital and social media platforms to maximize brand visibility. Demonstrated ability to analyze market trends and consumer behavior to tailor activations that resonate with target audiences. Committed to leveraging creative thinking and analytical skills to achieve brand objectives and contribute to overall business growth.

Work Experience

Brand Activation Manager at Capital One, VA

Mar 2024 - Present

  • Spearheaded a multi-channel brand activation campaign that increased customer engagement by 45% within six months, leveraging innovative digital platforms and targeted social media strategies to reach over 1 million unique users across the United States.
  • Led a cross-functional team in the successful launch of Capital One's new credit card product line, resulting in a 25% increase in application rates and a 30% uplift in approved accounts within the first quarter post-launch, surpassing initial projections by 15%.
  • Orchestrated an award-winning experiential marketing event that attracted over 50,000 attendees, generating a record-breaking 20% conversion rate for on-site applications and significantly enhancing brand loyalty among existing customers.
  • Developed and implemented a data-driven partnership strategy with major retailers and tech companies, boosting co-branded credit card sign-ups by over 40%, and achieving a top-tier net promoter score (NPS) of 75, demonstrating exceptional customer satisfaction and brand alignment.

Assistant Brand Activation Manager at CarMax, VA

Jul 2023 - Feb 2024

  • Spearheaded a multi-channel marketing campaign for CarMax in Virginia, resulting in a 25% increase in customer engagement across social media platforms and a 15% uptick in showroom visits within the first quarter of implementation.
  • Developed and executed an innovative employee advocacy program that amplified CarMax's brand visibility by 40%, leveraging staff networks and generating over 2 million organic impressions on LinkedIn and Twitter within six months.
  • Managed a strategic partnership with local automotive influencers, coordinating content creation that led to a record-breaking 30% growth in CarMax's online leads and a 20% increase in sales conversions in the Virginia market during the fiscal year 2022.


Bachelor of Arts in Marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University, VA

Aug 2019 - May 2023

Relevant Coursework: Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing Strategies, Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising and Promotion, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Marketing Planning.


  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Tableau
  • Asana


  • For a Brand Activation Manager, two specialized and diverse certifications that stand out are:
  • Digital Marketing Professional Certification by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)**
  • This certification covers various aspects of digital marketing which is crucial for brand activation managers to

Tips for Writing a Better PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager Resume

Creating a standout resume for the position of PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager requires a strategic approach. Your resume should not only highlight your relevant experience and skills but also demonstrate your understanding of brand management and your ability to effectively activate and promote PepsiCo's brands. Here are some tips to help you craft a better resume for this role:

  1. Understand PepsiCo and Its Brands: Before you start writing your resume, ensure you have a strong understanding of PepsiCo, its mission, values, and the brands under its umbrella. Tailor your resume to reflect how your experience and skills align with PepsiCo's brand ethos and objectives.

  2. Use a Clean and Professional Format: Your resume should be easy to read and professionally formatted. Use clear headings, bullet points, and a standard font to ensure the hiring manager can quickly find the information they need.

  3. Highlight Relevant Experience: Focus on previous roles and projects that are relevant to brand activation, especially if you have experience in the food and beverage industry. Describe your responsibilities and achievements in these roles, using metrics to quantify your successes wherever possible.

  4. Showcase Your Marketing Skills: As a Brand Activation Manager, you'll need a strong set of marketing skills. Highlight your experience with market research, campaign management, digital marketing, event planning, and any other relevant skills. Include specific examples of successful marketing campaigns you've led or contributed to.

  5. Demonstrate Leadership and Collaboration: PepsiCo looks for individuals who can lead and work well with others. Provide examples of how you've successfully managed teams, collaborated with cross-functional groups, or led projects to successful outcomes.

  6. Include Education and Certifications: List your relevant educational background, including any degrees or certifications that are pertinent to marketing, business administration, or brand management. If you've attended any specialized training sessions or workshops related to brand activation or marketing, include those as well.

  7. Customize Your Resume for the Role: Tailor your resume to the Brand Activation Manager position by including keywords and phrases from the job listing. This not only shows that you've read the job description carefully but also helps your resume get past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

  8. Mention Your Ability to Analyze Data: Brand activation strategies often rely on market data and consumer insights. Highlight your experience with data analysis tools and your ability to use data to inform marketing strategies and decisions.

  9. Show Your Creativity and Innovation: Brand activation requires creativity to capture the target audience's attention. Share examples of innovative marketing strategies you've implemented or creative solutions to challenges you've encountered in your career.

  10. Proofread Your Resume: Ensure your resume is free of typos and grammatical errors. Consider having a friend or mentor review it as well, to catch any mistakes you might have missed and to provide feedback on how you can improve it.

By following these tips, you'll be able to create a more impactful and tailored resume for the position of PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager. Remember, your resume is your first opportunity to make a good impression, so take the time to ensure it accurately reflects your skills, experience, and suitability for the role.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager Resumes

Incorporating keywords from the job description when applying for a Brand Activation Manager position at PepsiCo is a crucial step in ensuring your application stands out. PepsiCo, like many large corporations, utilizes Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage the high volume of applications they receive. These systems are designed to scan resumes and cover letters for specific keywords related to the job role. By carefully integrating terms and phrases that match the job description, such as "brand activation," "campaign management," "market research," and "cross-functional team collaboration," you significantly improve your chances of passing the initial ATS screening. This strategic alignment not only demonstrates your attentiveness to the role's requirements but also showcases your suitability for the position by reflecting the language and priorities of PepsiCo. Remember, the goal is to make it evident to both the ATS and the hiring managers that your skills and experiences are not just relevant but directly aligned with what PepsiCo is looking for in a Brand Activation Manager.

Here is a consolidated list of essential skills and key terms frequently encountered in brand activation manager job applications at PepsiCo.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Strategic PlanningBrand Management
Marketing Campaign DevelopmentCreative Thinking
Project ManagementData Analysis
Customer Engagement StrategiesDigital Marketing
Social Media ManagementEvent Planning and Execution
Budget ManagementTeam Leadership
Communication SkillsInfluencer Partnerships
Content CreationMarket Research
Analytical ThinkingProblem Solving
Negotiation SkillsAdaptability
CRM Software ProficiencyPerformance Measurement and Analysis

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Common Action Verbs for PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager Resumes

Crafting a resume for a position like PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager demands not only showcasing your achievements but also the vitality and dynamism you'd bring to the role. One of the challenges in this process lies in selecting the right action verbs to describe your experiences and accomplishments. The use of varied and powerful action verbs is crucial because they paint a vivid picture of your capabilities and contributions. For instance, instead of repeatedly saying "managed" or "led", you could use "orchestrated", "pioneered", "executed", or "spearheaded". This diversity in language not only holds the reader's attention but also more accurately captures the breadth and depth of your professional experiences. It emphasizes your role as a proactive and innovative leader, which is essential for a Brand Activation Manager at a dynamic company like PepsiCo. Each verb choice can subtly highlight different skills and qualities, from creativity and leadership to analytical prowess and strategic planning. Therefore, investing the time to carefully select the best action verbs for your resume is a key step in distinguishing yourself from other candidates and demonstrating your unique value proposition for the PepsiCo Brand Activation Manager role.

To provide you with a competitive advantage, we have curated a list of impactful action verbs designed to enhance your resume and secure your upcoming interview:

Action Verbs

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