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Microsoft Product Manager Resume Examples

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This article will provide tips and best practices for writing a resume to apply for a Product Manager role at Microsoft. It will cover topics such as crafting a compelling summary, highlighting relevant experience, showcasing technical knowledge, and using keywords to boost visibility. Additionally, it will offer advice on how to demonstrate leadership and communication skills that are essential for the role.

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Microsoft Product Manager Resume Example

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Microsoft Product Manager Resume Example

Sylvana Strasser, Product Manager


(840) 209-0480

Louisville, KY

Professional Summary

I am a Product Manager with over 3 years of experience leading product initiatives across multiple industries. My primary focus has been on developing engaging user experiences and driving user-centric product strategy. My background includes expertise in product design, customer research, product marketing, and user experience. I have a proven track record of delivering successful products that meet customer expectations and are profitable. I am an effective communicator who is adept at managing both internal and external stakeholders. I have a passion for problem-solving and I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Work Experience

Product Manager at Humana, KY

Nov 2022 - Present

  • Developed a new product offering that achieved a 20% market share increase in the first year. As Product Manager at Humana, KY, I led the cross-functional team responsible for launching the new product offering. Through extensive market research and customer feedback, I was able to create a product that met the needs of our target demographic and increased our market share.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 15% through targeted outreach initiatives. I implemented a customer outreach program that included surveys, focus groups, and customer feedback sessions. This helped us better understand our customers' needs and allowed us to develop products that met those needs. As a result, customer satisfaction with our products increased by 15%.
  • Streamlined product development process to reduce time to market by 25%. I created a streamlined process for product development that reduced the time it took to launch a new product from 12 months to 9 months. This allowed us to bring new products to market faster, giving us a competitive edge in the market.

Associate Product Manager at Valvoline, KY

Sep 2020 - Sep 2022

  • Developed and launched Valvoline's first mobile app for oil change services, resulting in a 20% increase in customer engagement and a 15% increase in sales.
  • Streamlined the ordering process for oil change services, resulting in a 25% decrease in wait times and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Conducted research and analysis on customer preferences and needs, resulting in the introduction of new product features that increased customer loyalty by 25%.


Bachelor of Science in Product Management at University of Louisville, KY

Aug 2016 - May 2020

Relevant Coursework: Business Law, Product Design and Development, Business Analytics, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving


  • Certified Product Manager (CPM)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Tips for Writing a Better Microsoft Product Manager Resume

1. Highlight Your Experience: Showcase your experience in managing products and programs for Microsoft, including any successes you’ve had. Be sure to include any certifications or awards that you may have earned.

2. Include Relevant Skills: As a product manager, you should have a range of skills that you can leverage in the role. Make sure to list them on your resume, such as project management, marketing, customer service, and analytics.

3. Focus on Achievements: Product managers are expected to deliver results and drive innovation. Showcase any successes that you’ve had while working with Microsoft products and programs by including metrics like increased sales or improved customer satisfaction scores.

4. Demonstrate Leadership: As a product manager, it’s important to demonstrate leadership qualities on your resume by highlighting how you took initiative and worked with other teams to achieve success.

5. Use Keywords: Employers often use an applicant tracking system (ATS) when reviewing resumes for product manager positions at Microsoft, so be sure to include relevant keywords throughout your resume that will help it get picked up by the ATS software.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Microsoft Product Manager Resumes

The use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) by companies such as Microsoft makes it essential for applicants to incorporate keywords from the job description into their application materials. ATSs are designed to assess the relevance of resumes and cover letters to a certain job opportunity by scanning them for specific keywords. Including these keywords in your application materials will increase the chances that your resume and cover letter will be seen by a hiring manager or recruiter at Microsoft. In addition, using keywords from the job description demonstrates to potential employers that you have a deep understanding of the position and its requirements.

When applying for a product manager position at Microsoft, you may encounter common skills and key terms such as those listed below.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Strategic PlanningProduct Development
Market AnalysisProject Management
Business AnalysisLeadership
Cross-Functional CollaborationProblem Solving
CommunicationAgile Methodology
User Experience (UX) DesignData Analysis
Financial ManagementResource Allocation
Risk ManagementDecision Making
NegotiationQuality Assurance
Technical KnowledgeProcess Improvement
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Product Roadmapping

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Common Action Verbs for Microsoft Product Manager Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on a resume can be difficult. However, it is important to use a variety of verbs in order to create an effective Microsoft Product Manager Resume. Using diverse action verbs will help emphasize your achievements and make your resume stand out from the competition. Verbs such as “managed”, “developed”, “coordinated”, and “implemented” are all great choices for a Microsoft Product Manager Resume. Additionally, think about using words that describe your interpersonal skills such as “collaborated” and “facilitated”. Finally, don't forget to include words that showcase your leadership abilities like “mentored” and “directed”. By including these types of action verbs on your Microsoft Product Manager Resume you are sure to make a lasting impression with potential employers.

To give you an advantage in the job market, we've compiled a list of powerful action verbs that you can use to enhance your resume and increase your chances of landing an interview:

Action Verbs

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