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How to Write About Me Section in Resume

How to Write About Me Section in Resume
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We all know that a resume is a short professional summary of yourself due to which the applicant moves forward towards the interview phase. Although there are other details added in a resume that gives a gist about yourself, however, adding an About Me section has its perks as well. Like it may help you stand out among other candidates just because the hiring manager may want to know more about you. Who knows. Hence, here we have an entire article on the “About Me” section for you. Give it a read till the end.

About the “About Me” Section:

The About Me section provides a gist about yourself in a few lines which mention your professional background, relevant skills, and key accomplishments. This section is on the top of your resume hence should immediately be able to answer the recruiter about your credibility.

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Here’s what and why the following key elements must be there in the section:

  • Your Professional Title shows your professional capabilities and experience in your current status and informs the reader about your professional exposure.
  • Your Relevant Skills must be a few but they must be such that they directly show the recruiter the lack of expertise they were looking for.
  • Your Accomplishments will provide an added benefit and will strengthen your section.
  • Your Career Goals section must mention the career goals which set an impression about your professionalism and seriousness in your career.

How to Write the About Me Section?

Pre-Drafting Strategies:

Before heading towards writing the about me section, you must brainstorm the content that you will be including. You want to craft an effective pitch so that the section fulfills its purpose hence you should be spending time working it out.

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So here are a few points that will help you make a rough draft of what you should be including in the resume. Make sure you think thoroughly over each bullet.

  • What is your current status in the corporate world? Are you a fresh graduate, or a professional with more than 5 years of experience? Think over how did you get to this point and what is the factor that makes you advance in your career?
  • Think about the notable achievements you achieved whether they are professional or personal. You must ponder over the abilities that made you achieve those accomplishments. Corner those skills and abilities because you will be adding a few of them in the section.
  • What makes you passionate about your field of work? What drives or motivates you to advance through the tangled corporate world.
  • Lastly, think about what you want to do next? Is it looking for better work opportunities or is it going for a career change? Think over it since this will become your goal to be included in the section

Once you collect all the information on a page and you are convinced about the content, you are ready to write it. Going through your collection of notes, you must ensure that this will be enough to write an effective pitch. Each answer should be added such that it urges the recruiter to know more about you.

It’s time to Write:

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Here we have listed your steps to write an effective and engaging “About Me” Section:

1. Introduce Professionally

Begin your About ME Section by introducing yourself to the reader. In your case, it will be the recruiter or employer hence you need to add a Professional Title along with your name. If you are already employed, you can use your current job title like “Management Trainee” or “Entry-Level Professional” if you are just out of university and looking for opportunities. Continue your introduction by adding a bit about your current job. Fresh Graduates can add about the university they passed out from including the major subjects and GPA.

2. Highlight Important Competence

Even though you will be listing down all the skills in the rest of the resume, but briefly mentioning one or two of the most important skills is essential here. Call it the most significant part of the section that will compel the recruiter to consider you. These skills will highlight your competence and may make you stand out among other candidates.

3. Sketch your Career Goals

This is the last step of your About ME Section. Conclude your About Me Section with a piece of summarized information about your career goals and why you seem to be the right person for the job. This must also briefly include why you’re interested in the job. Employers usually look for words that indicate that the candidate is passionate and won’t be leaving the job in a short time. If the employer gets this indication, you will most likely be considered for the job.

Benefits of Including an About Me Section:

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Writing about the “About Me” Section Without knowing about its benefits feels incomplete. Here are the benefits of the About Me Section:

  • We have emphasized the fact before that recruiters only skim through your resume and decide your future. Either they go through the entire resume or just take a glimpse and move on. Hence, the About Me section becomes your savior as it concisely includes essential information about you. If the recruiter is skimming through the resumes, he’ll just go through the about me section of yours that will make you stand out among others.
  • It serves as an image of yours. A resume may be a detailed version compared to this but if someone asks precisely who you are professionally then the About Me content will be enough to answer that. It includes everything that a typical introduction must have I.e. your current status, education, goals, and skills.
  • The About Me section serves as a refresher about where you stand currently and where you have to proceed next in your goal. It quantifies your value.

Tips to make your “About Me” Section Effective

1. Brainstorming ideas before writing is good but structuring them is equally important. A structured idea will help you write a structured about me section effectively. Structured content is easily readable and creates an impression of your organized work skills.

2. Mention the most relevant and powerful skill that is important for the job. Highlighting your strengths in the section may trigger the interest of your recruiter.

3. People often start lying or unrealistically show content so that they can stand out among others. But when they get the job, their incompetence is highlighted. Hence, you should always be original about your About Me section and present it professionally.

4. Edit your About Me section as per the job you are applying for. It will be different for different job opportunities. A customized About Me section that caters to the requirement of the job is much better than a generalized one.

5. Maintaining Grammar, Choice of Words, and Tone of Content is important for the About Me Section. This shows consistency in your work and indicates to the reader that you can communicate professionally. Making content readable after implementing grammar and good choice of words is a sign of strong writing skills. This is also what attracts the recruiter and may increase your chance of selection.

6. About the choice of words, it is important to choose powerful adjectives. Just listing those adjectives to define yourself won’t be enough but if that adjective is supported by a powerful example then that will uplift your “About Me” section.

7. Similarly, using the right verbs is also important. When the few related but powerful adjectives are placed they must be supported by strong verbs to describe the feat that makes your sentence magnificent.

8. Using powerful adjectives and words is important but adding thesaurus words may backfire on you. Remember that you always have to sound natural.

9. About Me can be written in either first person or third person narrative. Use either of them but don’t mix them up.

10. Try to keep your content short, concise, and to the point. A shorter content that gives out all the details is absolutely a Winner Content!

11. Adopt a humble approach rather than a “Me” approach. "Me" is the “I am the best in everything” approach, you have to avoid that.

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12. Proofread it two to three times before attaching it to the resume for the final time. You don’t want your recruiter to reject you just because of an error in the content.

13. Keep updating the content whenever you feel you have encountered a change in corporate life. OR just update it when using the resume to apply for another job. It has to be updated to look fresh.


The About Me can be the first impression on your hiring manager and the first impression always lasts. This was a detailed article about an important section of the resume. Follow the steps carefully and create a striking About Me section. If you read it till the end, then you are among those who will be impressing the recruiter soon.

Till then, happy job hunting.