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Writing a great resident assistant resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

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If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own resident assistant resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the resident assistant job you're after.

Resume samples

Kasia Lipner | (541) 793-9461 | Salt Lake City, UT


I am a highly motivated individual with over 1 year of experience working as a Resident Assistant. I have excellent communication and organizational skills, which I have used to successfully manage various responsibilities related to my position. I am also proficient in conflict resolution and have been able to effectively resolve any issues that may arise among residents. Additionally, I possess a strong commitment to providing quality customer service and always work hard to ensure the satisfaction of those I serve.


Resident Assistant at Brighton Gardens of Salt Lake City, UTJun 2022 - Present

  • Led a team of 5 other RAs in planning and executing monthly floor events.
  • Successfully created and maintained relationships with 30+ residents.
  • Mediated roommate conflict on 3 separate occasions.
  • Checked in with each resident once per week to ensure their physical and emotional well-being.
  • Conducted weekly staff meetings to debrief about successes/challenges from the previous week.
  • Documentation of all incidents (i.e. noise complaints, medical emergencies).

Resident Assistant II at The Inn atSunridge, UTJul 2021 - May 2022

  • Led a team of 5 Resident Assistants and oversaw the daily operations of a residence hall with 400 students.
  • Created and implemented floor programming aimed at fostering community building and inclusivity.
  • Chaired the Residence Hall Association Executive Board, overseeing all aspects of student government for an 800-person residential community.
  • Trained new staff members on policies, procedures, crisis management, and campus resources.
  • Conducted monthly one-on-one check-ins with direct reports to ensure their professional development goals were being met.
  • Successfully mediated conflict between residents while maintaining relationships.


High School Diploma at West High School, UTAug 2016 - May 2021

I've learned how to manage my time, how to study efficiently, and how to take exams.


  • Communication
  • Organizational
  • Interpersonal
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

Desales Konczyk | (574) 239-2302 | Raleigh, NC


I am a reliable and proactive Resident Assistant with over 1 year of experience working in student housing. I have excellent time management skills and am able to prioritize tasks effectively. I am also a great communicator, both written and verbal. My interpersonal skills are superb, as I'm able to build relationships easily with others. In my previous role, I was responsible for conducting weekly staff meetings, creating monthly newsletters, and planning community events.


Resident Assistant at Belmont Abbey College, NCApr 2022 - Present

  • Successfully completed training and served as a Resident Assistant for two years.
  • Worked with a team of five other RAs to provide support and guidance to residents in the dormitory.
  • Created weekly programs designed to engage resident students and promote community building.
  • Organized floor meetings and mediated conflict between roommates.
  • Served on the executive board for the Residence Hall Association (RHA).
  • Was responsible for planning, budgeting, advertising, and executing all events for North Area.

Resident Assistant II at Pfeiffer University, NCJul 2021 - Mar 2022

  • Successfully completed training on conflict resolution, de-escalation techniques, and crisis management.
  • Successfully led weekly staff meetings for a team of 5 Resident Assistants.
  • Created and implemented floor programming that averaged 30 residents per event.
  • Mentored 1 new Resident Assistant through their first semester in the role.
  • Responded to 24 hours worth of emergencies including but not limited to: fires, medical emergencies, fights, intoxicated individuals, missing persons reports etc.
  • Documenting all incidents in an accurate and timely manner according to university policy.


High School Diploma at Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill, NCAug 2017 - May 2021

I have learned how to study for and take tests, how to do research, and how to write papers.


  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Budgeting
  • Event Planning
  • Public Speaking