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Writing a great model maker resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

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If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own model maker resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the model maker job you're after.

Resume samples

Ayleen Gunterman | (815) 498-5758 | Hilo, HI


As a model maker, I have over three years' experience in creating models from scratch. My work involves sculpting, casting and painting, as well as working with different materials such as wood, metal and resin. I am able to take on projects of all sizes, from small figurines to life-size sculptures. My attention to detail ensures that every project is finished to the highest standard.


Lead Model Maker at Waipahu Depot, HIApr 2022 - Present

  • Led a team of model makers in the creation of models for a new product line, ensuring that all models met the required specifications.
  • Created detailed plans and drawings for each model, which served as guides for the construction process.
  • Inspected all models during production to ensure quality control standards were met.
  • Coordinated with other departments to schedule delivery of completed models to meet deadlines.

Model Maker at Menehune Mac, HISep 2019 - Mar 2022

  • Successfully completed 1:1 scale replica of Eiffel Tower out of paper mache and cardboard.
  • Assembled team of 4 other model makers to create a life-size replica of the human body for an anatomy class.
  • Created a series of models depicting the solar system that was used in classrooms across the district.
  • Constructed a large ship model that was featured in a museum exhibit on maritime history.
  • Built replicas of famous landmarks from around the world for use in a travel agency.


High School Diploma at Punahou School, HISep 2015 - May 2019

I've learned how to study for and write exams, how to do research, and how to use different reference materials.


  • Model making
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Sculpting
  • Moldmaking
  • Casting

Camron Perezgarcia | (733) 702-9968 | Bowling Green, KY


I am a highly skilled Model Maker with over three years of experience in the field. I have an eye for detail and take pride in my work, ensuring that every model is made to the highest standard. I have a good understanding of different materials and how to work with them, as well as being able to use various tools and machinery. I am also experienced in painting models, giving them the perfect finish.


Lead Model Maker at Bluegrass Custom Prototypes, KYMay 2022 - Present

  • Led a team of model makers in creating prototypes for a new product line. The prototypes were used in focus groups and testing, which led to the successful launch of the products.
  • Trained new members of the modeling team on best practices and efficient ways to create models.
  • Developed innovative methods for creating models that reduced production time by 25%.
  • Created a system for tracking model making progress and quality control that helped improve accuracy and efficiency.

Model Maker at 3D Prototyping LLC, KYJul 2019 - Mar 2022

  • I created a model of the Eiffel Tower that was accurate to within 1/16th of an inch.
  • I built a scale replica of the Parthenon out of balsa wood and papier-mâché that won first prize in the state fair.
  • I made a series of models demonstrating how ancient Egyptian pyramids were constructed, which is now on display at the local museum.
  • I carved a wooden statue of Zeus that stands 2 feet tall and is currently being sold in my online shop.
  • I designed and 3D printed a set of chess pieces inspired by Art Deco design, which have been featured in multiple online publications.


High School Diploma at Kentucky High SchoolSep 2014 - May 2019

I've learned how to read, write, and do math.


  • CAD
  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC machining
  • Vacuum forming
  • Mold making
  • Painting

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