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Resume samples

Anakaren Penate | (299) 997-7570 | Santa Fe, NM


Over 4 years of experience as a Control Systems Engineer. I have gained an in-depth knowledge of PLCs, HMI development and SCADA systems. My work revolves around designing, developing, testing and implementing control solutions for various industries such as automotive, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals. I take on projects from start to finish – starting with understanding the client’s needs and requirements all the way through to commissioning the final system. In addition to this technical expertise, I also possess excellent communication skills which allow me to effectively interface with clients throughout each project lifecycle


Lead Control Systems Engineer at Honeywell, NMMar 2022 - Present

  • Led the development of a new control system for manufacturing process that increased production by 25%.
  • Implemented a new safety control system that reduced accidents by 50%.
  • Developed a training program for operators on the use of the new control systems that resulted in 95% compliance.
  • Wrote specifications for 3rd party vendors and selected 2 suppliers that met all requirements within budget.
  • Managed installation and commissioning of both systems with no major issues.

Senior Control Systems Engineer at Rockwell Automation, NMAug 2018 - Jan 2022

  • Led a team of 6 engineers in the development of a new control system for an oil refinery. The project was completed on time and under budget.
  • Implemented a new process control strategy that increased production by 10%.
  • Developed a new algorithm that reduced energy consumption by 5%.
  • Conducted training for operators on the use of the new control system, which resulted in smoother operation and fewer downtime incidents.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at New Mexico State UniversitySep 2014 - May 2018

I have learned how to design, build, and test electrical circuits and systems.


  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Zenobia Skolfield | (333) 312-5117 | Broadview Heights, OH


I am a Control Systems Engineer with over 4 years experience. I have extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of control systems for a variety of industries. I have a strong background in electrical engineering and computer science, and my skills include programming (C/C++), mathematical modeling, simulation & analysis tools (Matlab/Simulink), as well as hardware design & troubleshooting. I am an effective problem solver with excellent communication skills, and I am able to work independently or as part of a team.


Lead Control Systems Engineer at General Electric, OHMay 2022 - Present

  • Led the design and development of a new control system for an industrial process which increased production by 15%.
  • Developed a new algorithm for controlling robotic arms which reduced cycle time by 20%.
  • Implemented a lean manufacturing initiative in the control systems engineering department which resulted in a 30% reduction in lead time.
  • Reduced scrap rates by 10% through implementation of improved quality control procedures.

Senior Control Systems Engineer at Eaton, OHAug 2018 - Mar 2022

  • Led the development of a new control system for a manufacturing process that reduced scrap by 15% and increased throughput by 20%.
  • Implemented an improved calibration procedure for sensors used in the control system that reduced downtime due to sensor failure by 30%.
  • Developed a custom data logging and analysis tool that was used to identify process improvements which led to a 5% reduction in cycle time.
  • Wrote software code for several key components of the control system, including algorithms for real-time optimization and adaptive feedback control.
  • Designed & built hardware interfaces between legacy equipment and new controllers using off-the-shelf components as well as custom electronics boards.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University, OHAug 2014 - May 2018

Some skills I've learned are circuit analysis, electronic devices, and electromagnetics.


  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Programming Languages (e.g., C, C++)
  • Simulation and Modeling Tools (e.g., MATLAB, Simulink)
  • System Identification