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Licensed Practical Nurse Cover Letter Examples

A great licensed practical nurse cover letter can help you stand out from the competition when applying for a job. Be sure to tailor your letter to the specific requirements listed in the job description, and highlight your most relevant or exceptional qualifications. The following licensed practical nurse cover letter example can give you some ideas on how to write your own letter.

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Example

Cover Letter Sample

Mychael Liebowitz

(542) 434-1009


August 12, 2022

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am interested in applying for the Licensed Practical Nurse position at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I have over five years of experience working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and I have a passion for working with children. I believe that my skills and experience would be a valuable addition to your team.

I have worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse at Mayo Clinic for over 5 years. I have helped countless patients receive the treatment they need and get back on their feet again. I am proud to say that I have made a difference in the lives of many people, and will continue to do so as long as I am working here.

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, I am able to provide direct patient care and support. My responsibilities include taking vital signs, monitoring patients' medical conditions, providing wound care and assisting with diagnostic tests and treatments. I have excellent communication skills which allow me to effectively relay information between patients and doctors. With my compassionate nature and attention to detail, I am able to create a positive experience for each patient that under my care.

Thank you for considering me for the position of Licensed Practical Nurse at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with such a renowned organization and contribute to its important mission. I am confident that my skills and experience will be a valuable asset to your team, and I look forward to being part of the St. Jude community. Thank you again for your consideration, and I eagerly await hearing from you about this exciting opportunity


Mychael Liebowitz

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