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12 Floral Manager Skills: Definition and Examples

In order to be a successful floral manager, there are a few key skills that you will need to possess. This article will provide definitions for 12 of those skills, including: customer service, organization, time management, sales, marketing, event planning, design, creativity, and more. With a strong understanding of these skills, you will be well on your way to a successful career in floral management.

Floral Manager Resume Example
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Floral Manager Skills


A floral manager is responsible for the overall operation of a floral department, including ordering supplies, managing staff, and developing marketing strategies. They must have excellent organizational skills and be able to multitask effectively.


Arranging is the art of creating pleasing, balanced compositions using flowers and other plant materials. A good floral arranger has an eye for color, texture, and form, and knows how to use these elements to create beautiful displays.


The Design skill for Floral Manager is the ability to create beautiful and innovative flower arrangements. This skill is important because it allows the floral manager to create unique designs that will attract customers and boost sales.


Floral managers need to be creative in order to come up with new and innovative designs for their clients. They also need to be able to think outside the box in order to come up with unique solutions to problems that may arise.

Customer service

Customer service is the act of providing assistance and support to customers. It is important for floral managers to have strong customer service skills in order to be able to effectively assist and support their customers. Strong customer service skills can help to build customer loyalty and ensure that customers have a positive experience when they interact with the floral business.


The ability to communicate effectively is essential for any floral manager. They need to be able to communicate with customers to find out what they want, relay that information to the designers, and then give feedback to the customer once the arrangement is complete. They also need to be able to communicate with suppliers in order to get the best prices and products.


The ability to sell floral arrangements is important for a floral manager because it allows them to generate revenue for their business. This skill is important because it allows the floral manager to upsell customers on higher-priced items, and it also allows them to negotiate discounts with suppliers.


Marketing is the process of creating and delivering messages that promote the interests of a company or product. As a floral manager, you will need to be able to market your products and services in order to attract customers and grow your business. Marketing skills include understanding customer needs and desires, developing creative and effective marketing campaigns, and measuring the results of marketing efforts.


The floral manager is responsible for managing the flower shop and ensuring that it runs smoothly. They will need to be able to communicate effectively with staff and customers, as well as being able to handle the financial aspects of the business.

Event planning

The ability to plan and execute events is critical for a floral manager. This includes everything from setting up the event space to coordinating with vendors and suppliers. A successful event requires careful planning and attention to detail, both of which a floral manager must be able to provide.


Budgeting is a critical skill for floral managers, as they need to be able to allocate the right amount of money to each aspect of their business. This includes everything from purchasing flowers and supplies, to advertising and marketing, to employee salaries. A well-run floral business needs to be able to operate within its means, and that means having a solid understanding of how to budget.


Multitasking is the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. This is a critical skill for a floral manager, who often has to oversee several different projects at the same time. A good floral manager will be able to keep track of all the details and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

How to improve floral manager skills

Floral managers are responsible for the overall management of a floral department. They must have excellent customer service skills, be able to manage staff, and have knowledge of plants and flowers. They must also be able to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Here are some tips on how to improve your skills as a floral manager:

1. Improve your customer service skills.

Make sure you are providing excellent customer service. This includes being friendly and helpful, as well as being efficient and organized. Pay attention to detail and always be willing to go above and beyond for your customers.

2. Be a good leader.

As a manager, you will need to lead by example. Be professional, set the tone for your department, and provide guidance and support to your staff. Be fair but firm, and always be open to feedback.

3. Stay up to date with trends.

The floral industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends. This includes both design trends and changes in the business itself. Keep an eye on what’s popular and adapt accordingly.

4. Have knowledge of plants and flowers.

This is essential for any floral manager. You should have a good understanding of different types of plants and flowers, as well as how to care for them. This knowledge will come in handy when assisting customers or dealing with problems within the department.

5. Be efficient and organized.

As a manager, you will need to be efficient in order to run a successful department. This means being organized, setting goals, and delegating tasks appropriately. Make sure you are using your time wisely and always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

How to highlight floral manager skills

As a floral manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the floral department in a store. This includes ordering flowers, arranging flowers, and managing the budget. You will need to have excellent communication and organizational skills.

On a resume

To highlight your skills as a Floral Manager on a resume, you should include information about your experience managing a team of floral designers, as well as your experience with event planning and coordination. You should also include any relevant coursework or training in floral design, and highlight any awards or recognition you have received for your work in the field.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as a Floral Manager. Include your experience managing a team of floral designers, as well as your knowledge of the latest trends in the industry. Be sure to detail how you would be an asset to the company, and how you would help them continue to produce beautiful arrangements and bouquets.

During an interview

When you are interviewed for a Floral Manager position, be sure to highlight your skills in organization, customer service, and sales. Discuss how you have successfully managed a team of floral designers in the past, and describe the strategies you used to motivate them and increase sales. Be prepared to provide examples of how you have increased profits and decreased costs in your previous positions. Finally, emphasize your commitment to providing high-quality products and services to customers.