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11 Floor Hand Skills: Definition and Examples

The floor hand is responsible for many tasks on the rig floor. These skills are essential to the safety of the crew and the success of the operation. This article will provide definitions for the 12 most important floor hand skills.

Floor Hand Resume Example
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Floor Hand Skills


A floor hand is responsible for a variety of tasks on an oil rig, including operating the equipment that moves and stores drill pipes, maintaining the rig floor and keeping it clean, and helping to move heavy equipment around the rig. They need to be hardworking and physically fit, as the job can be demanding.


The ability to be dependable is important for a floor hand because they are responsible for keeping the floor clean and free of debris. If they are not dependable, the floor will become cluttered and unsafe.


The ability to work well with others in a team setting is essential for a floor hand. Floor hands must be able to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. This skill is necessary in order to maintain a safe and productive work environment.


A safety-conscious floor hand is always aware of potential hazards and takes precautions to avoid them. This might include wearing proper protective gear, using safe work practices, and following safety procedures. A floor hand who is safety-conscious helps create a safe work environment for everyone.

Physically fit

The ability to lift and move heavy objects is essential for a floor hand. This job requires a lot of physical labor, so being physically fit is necessary in order to perform the job duties.

Willing to work long hours

The ability to work long hours is important for a floor hand because they need to be able to keep up with the demands of the job. This can be a physically demanding job, so being able to work long hours is essential.

Able to lift heavy objects

The ability to lift heavy objects is important for a floor hand because they often have to move furniture or other heavy items around. This skill helps them avoid injury and makes the job easier.

Good hand-eye coordination

Floor hands need good hand-eye coordination in order to safely and effectively operate the equipment they use. This includes using tools to connect or disconnect pipe, as well as manipulating heavy machinery. Good hand-eye coordination ensures that floor hands can work quickly and efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury.

Attention to detail

The ability to pay attention to detail is important for a Floor Hand because they need to be able to identify potential hazards and safety concerns. This skill helps them to maintain a safe work environment and prevent accidents.

Ability to follow instructions

The ability to follow instructions is a critical skill for floor hands, as they must be able to understand and execute the tasks assigned to them by their supervisors. This skill helps to ensure that tasks are completed correctly and efficiently, and that potential hazards are avoided.

Good communication skills

Floor hands need to be able to communicate well in order to coordinate with the other members of the drilling team. They need to be able to give and receive instructions clearly, and also to ask questions when they are unsure of something. Good communication skills are essential for ensuring that the drilling operation runs smoothly and safely.

How to improve floor hand skills

Floor hands are responsible for many of the routine tasks associated with drilling a well. They work closely with the driller and other crew members to ensure that the well is drilled safely and efficiently. Floor hands must be able to perform their duties in a variety of weather conditions and terrain, and they must be able to work long hours when necessary.

There are several ways that floor hands can improve their skills. First, they can attend training courses offered by their employer or by other organizations. These courses can teach floor hands about the latest safety procedures, drilling techniques, and equipment maintenance. Second, floor hands can read books and articles about drilling and related topics. This will help them stay up-to-date on industry developments and learn new techniques. Third, floor hands can shadow experienced crew members during drilling operations. This will give them a chance to see how experienced workers perform their duties and to ask questions about anything they do not understand. Finally, floor hands can practice their skills on a regular basis. This could involve setting up and taking down drill rigs, performing routine maintenance on equipment, or drilling test holes in different types of terrain.

By taking these steps, floor hands can become more knowledgeable and skilled at their jobs. This will make them more valuable employees and help them advance in their careers.

How to highlight floor hand skills

In order to highlight your skills as a Floor Hand, you should first assess what skills you have that are relevant to the position. Once you have a good understanding of your skill set, you can then start to market yourself as a Floor Hand. You can do this by creating a resume that highlights your relevant skills, and by networking with people who are in the oil and gas industry. You can also attend job fairs and industry events, and talk to people about your skills as a Floor Hand. By taking the time to market yourself, you will be able to show potential employers that you are the right person for the job.

On a resume

As a Floor Hand, you will be responsible for performing various manual labor tasks on an oil or gas drilling rig. Your skills will be in high demand by employers in this industry, so it is important to highlight them on your resume. Some of the skills you should highlight include: -Physical strength and stamina -Ability to work long hours in challenging conditions -Manual dexterity -Safety consciousness -Attention to detail If you have any experience working with machinery or performing maintenance tasks, be sure to mention that as well. Employers in the oil and gas industry are always looking for workers who can perform multiple tasks and who have a strong work ethic.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, highlight your skills as a Floor Hand. Include your experience working with tools and equipment, as well as your ability to lift and move heavy objects. Mention your safety training and certifications, as well as your experience working in a team environment.

During an interview

When interviewing for a position as a Floor Hand, be sure to highlight your skills and experience in the oil and gas industry. In addition, emphasize your ability to work long hours in difficult conditions. Finally, stress your commitment to safety and your willingness to follow all safety protocols.