What does a Freight Broker do?

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A freight broker is a company that arranges the transportation of goods on behalf of its clients. Freight brokers typically work with trucking companies to secure space on their trucks for the shipment of goods. They also negotiate rates and terms with trucking companies, and track shipments to ensure that they are delivered on time.

Freight Broker job duties include:

  • Arrange transportation of goods and commodities
  • Determine shipping rates and routes
  • Negotiate contracts with carriers
  • Prepare shipping documents
  • Monitor shipments to ensure they arrive on time
  • Resolve issues with late or damaged shipments
  • Keep track of inventory and shipments
  • Generate reports on shipping activity
  • Maintain relationships with clients and carriers

Freight Broker Job Requirements

There is no formal education required to become a freight broker, although most have at least a high school diploma. Many brokers complete a certification program through the National Association of Freight Brokers & Agents (NAFBA). Certification through NAFBA requires completing 20 credit hours of coursework and passing an exam. Experience is also important for freight brokers. Many start out working in the industry in other capacities, such as truck drivers, dispatchers, or customer service representatives, before becoming brokers.

Freight Broker Skills

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Research
  • Multitasking
  • Computer skills
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Marketing

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How to become a Freight Broker

A freight broker is an intermediary between a shipper who has goods to move and a carrier who has the capacity to move them. The broker’s job is to find a carrier that will transport the shipper’s goods at a reasonable price and within the required time frame.

The first step to becoming a freight broker is to obtain a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To do this, you must be at least 21 years old and have either a high school diploma or equivalent, or have three years of experience in the trucking or shipping industry.

Next, you will need to take an online course and pass an exam administered by the FMCSA. Once you have your license, you can start working with shippers and carriers to arrange transportation for their goods.

To be successful as a freight broker, you need to have strong communication and negotiation skills. You also need to be familiar with the trucking industry and understand the various regulations that apply to it. With hard work and dedication, you can build a successful career as a freight broker.

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