What does a Dealer do?

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A dealer is a person who buys and sells goods, typically in a shop.

Dealer job duties include:

  • Greeting customers and answering questions
  • Demonstrating products and explaining their features
  • Handling customer transactions
  • Maintaining knowledge of products and services
  • Processing customer orders
  • Upselling additional products and services
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Resolving customer complaints or concerns
  • Training new dealers

Dealer Job Requirements

There are no formal education requirements for becoming a casino dealer, although most dealers have at least a high school diploma. Many casinos offer dealer training schools, which usually last about four weeks. After completing a training program, new dealers must usually pass an audition to be hired. Some states require casino dealers to be licensed, and others require certification in card dealing. Most dealers have some experience working in the customer service industry.

Dealer Skills

  • Patience
  • Deals cards
  • Observation
  • Concentration
  • Counting
  • Flexibility
  • Evaluating hands
  • Probability
  • Risk assessment
  • Decision making
  • People skills

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How to become a Dealer

To become a Dealer, one must first complete high school or earn a GED. Many community colleges offer Dealer training programs that last about six weeks. After completing a Dealer training program, many casinos require that their new Dealers complete an audition process before being hired.

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