What does a Culinary Instructor do?

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A culinary instructor is a professional who teaches students how to cook. They may work in a school or other educational institution, or they may work in a restaurant or other food-service setting. Culinary instructors typically have several years of experience working in the food industry, and they may have completed a culinary arts program themselves. In addition to teaching cooking techniques, they may also teach students about nutrition and food safety.

Culinary Instructor job duties include:

  • Plan, prepare and deliver lectures, demonstrations and practicals to students
  • Set and mark assignments and examinations
  • Research new trends and developments in the culinary field
  • Maintain industry links to ensure that teaching is up-to-date
  • Keep abreast of developments in professional cookery
  • Manage and monitor the progress of students
  • Provide feedback and support to students
  • Prepare teaching materials
  • Attend staff meetings and in-service training

Culinary Instructor Job Requirements

A culinary instructor should have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts. Many instructors also have a Master's degree or higher in Culinary Arts or a related field. In addition, most instructors are certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Many instructors also have several years of experience working in the culinary field.

Culinary Instructor Skills

  • Culinary skills
  • Food preparation
  • Knife skills
  • Cooking techniques
  • Baking
  • Menu planning
  • Food safety
  • Sanitation
  • Nutrition
  • Cost control
  • Customer service

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How to become a Culinary Instructor

Culinary instructors teach aspiring cooks and chefs the basics of food preparation, cooking techniques and menu planning. They may work in restaurants, hotels, catering companies or culinary schools. Many culinary instructors have years of experience working as chefs or cooks. Some may have a degree in Culinary Arts from a vocational school or college.

If you want to become a culinary instructor, you will need to have a passion for food and cooking. You should also be patient and able to communicate well with students. It is helpful if you are organized and can keep a class on track.

To become a culinary instructor, you will need to have experience working as a chef or cook. Many culinary instructors have at least five years of experience in the industry. It is also helpful if you have a degree in Culinary Arts from an accredited school. If you do not have a degree, you may be able to take some courses to help prepare you for the job.

Once you have the necessary experience and education, you can start applying for jobs at culinary schools or other institutions that offer cooking classes. You may also be able to find work teaching private cooking lessons.

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