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Walmart Procurement Manager Resume Examples

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This article will provide a comprehensive guide for creating an effective resume for the position of Procurement Manager at Walmart. It will discuss best practices for highlighting relevant skills and experiences, as well as tips to make sure your resume stands out from the competition. Additionally, it will offer advice on how to tailor your resume to the specific requirements of Walmart's procurement manager job description.

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Walmart Procurement Manager Resume Example

Katisha Trendler, Procurement Manager


(220) 442-0605

Burlington, VT

Professional Summary

I am a highly motivated and detail-oriented Procurement Manager with over 3 years of experience. I have a proven track record of managing complex procurement operations and developing effective strategies to reduce costs and maximize savings. I have a deep understanding of legal and compliance requirements and have built strong relationships with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery and quality of goods. I have a passion for leveraging data analytics to drive decision making and have consistently achieved top results in cost savings, vendor management, and supplier negotiations.

Work Experience

Procurement Manager at Aero Precision Machining, Inc., VT

Dec 2022 - Present

  • Reduced material costs by 8% - As Procurement Manager at Aero Precision Machining, Inc., VT I successfully reduced the amount of materials used in production processes by 8%, resulting in a cost savings of $250K. This was achieved through implementing more efficient purchasing practices and negotiating better prices with suppliers.
  • Streamlined procurement process - Through implementation of an automated system for processing orders, tracking inventory levels, and monitoring supplier performance I streamlined the company’s overall procurement process to increase efficiency across all departments. The new system enabled us to reduce paperwork time from 30 minutes per order down to 5 minutes or less while still ensuring accuracy throughout every step in product delivery cycle .
  • Improved vendor relationships – By establishing strong working relationships with key vendors over my 3 year tenure as Procurement Manger we were able secure favorable terms on future contracts which resulted improved pricing structure that saved our business upwards 10%.

Procurement Associate at Klein Steel Service, Inc., VT

Aug 2020 - Oct 2022

  • Negotiated and secured $1 million in cost savings over the course of one year by leveraging vendor relationships, negotiating favorable terms on contracts, and exploring alternative suppliers.
  • Developed an automated purchasing system that improved efficiency by 30%, leading to faster turnaround times for customer orders while reducing manual labor hours.
  • Streamlined processes with vendors resulting in a 20% reduction in lead time from order placement to product receipt at Klein Steel Service Inc., VT warehouse locations across the country.


Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management at Champlain College, Burlington, VT

Sep 2016 - May 2020

Relevant Coursework: Logistics, Operations Management, Purchasing Negotiation, Transportation and Distribution, Warehouse Management.


  • Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)
  • Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM)

Tips for Writing a Better Walmart Procurement Manager Resume

1. Emphasize Your Relevant Experience: As a Walmart Procurement Manager, your resume should focus on the relevant experience you have in the procurement field. Highlight any specialized skills or experiences that make you qualified for this position, such as knowledge of industry trends and vendors, negotiation tactics, and contract management.

2. Showcase Your Accomplishments: Demonstrate the impact of your work by including specific accomplishments from previous positions. Be sure to include numbers when possible to give your potential employer an idea of how successful you’ve been in the past.

3. Use Keywords: Research keywords related to Walmart Procurement Manager positions and incorporate them into your resume. This will help ensure that your resume is picked up by applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by recruiters and hiring managers.

4. Format Your Resume Professionally: Make sure your resume looks professional—it should be easy to read and free from typos or other errors. Consider using a template to ensure it looks polished and consistent with current industry standards.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Walmart Procurement Manager Resumes

When applying for a Procurement Manager position at Walmart, it is essential to incorporate keywords from the job description into your resume and cover letter. This is because Walmart uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to evaluate job applications. ATSs are computer programs that scan resumes and cover letters to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the job. This means that if you do not include relevant keywords, the ATS may miss your application or incorrectly rate it as irrelevant. By including keywords from the job description in your resume and cover letter, you can ensure that your application will be seen by Walmart's hiring team and given a better chance of success.

When applying for a procurement manager position at Walmart, you may come across the following common skills and key terms:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Strategic SourcingSupplier Negotiation
Contract ManagementProcurement Processes
Cost Reduction StrategiesRisk Management
Supply Chain ManagementVendor Relationships
Inventory ControlBudgeting and Forecasting
Quality AssuranceLogistics and Shipping
Data AnalysisProject Management
Category ManagementNegotiation Skills
Process ImprovementFinancial Acumen
Regulatory ComplianceStrategic Planning
Stakeholder EngagementCommunication Skills

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Common Action Verbs for Walmart Procurement Manager Resumes

When creating a resume for a Walmart Procurement Manager position, it can be difficult to find different action verbs to use. It is important to have varied verbs in order to make your resume stand out and create an impactful impression. Action verbs such as "negotiated," "collaborated," and "managed" are all words that can be used to demonstrate the skillset of a procurement manager. Using different words will help showcase your abilities and give employers an idea of what you bring to the table. Additionally, using more creative language such as "pioneered," "spearheaded," and "orchestrated" can further emphasize your experience and qualifications.

To give you a competitive edge and help you land your next interview, we've compiled a list of powerful action verbs to strengthen your resume. Use these verbs to show employers what you’re capable of and stand out from the competition:

Action Verbs
Negotiated pricing and contractsMaintained supplier relationships
Ensured compliance with regulationsResolved vendor disputes

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