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Owens Corning Manufacturing Engineer Resume Examples

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This article guides you through crafting a standout resume for a Manufacturing Engineer position at Owens Corning, focusing on showcasing your engineering expertise, problem-solving skills, and experience in manufacturing processes. Learn to highlight your accomplishments and tailor your skills to meet Owens Corning's specific needs, enhancing your chances of securing the job.

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Manufacturing Engineer Resume Example (Text)

Kelly Steeg, Manufacturing Engineer


(107) 761-9072

Olathe, KS

Professional Summary

A dedicated Manufacturing Engineer with 1 year of experience in optimizing production processes, improving manufacturing efficiency, and implementing quality control measures. Demonstrated ability in designing and modifying equipment, conducting process simulations, and performing root cause analysis to minimize downtime and enhance productivity. Proficient in utilizing CAD software for design and simulation, with a strong foundation in lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodologies. A collaborative team player with excellent problem-solving skills, committed to driving continuous improvement and contributing to the overall success of the manufacturing operations.

Work Experience

Manufacturing Engineer at Garmin International, KS

Dec 2023 - Present

  • Enhanced Production Efficiency by 20%**: Led a cross-functional team in the redesign of the assembly process for Garmin's flagship GPS devices at the Kansas facility, integrating lean manufacturing principles and advanced automation. This initiative reduced cycle times by 30% and increased overall production efficiency by 20%, enabling a higher output rate to meet rising global demand.
  • Cost Reduction through Material Optimization**: Spearheaded a project that achieved a $500,000 annual saving in material costs for the wearable technology line. Conducted an exhaustive analysis of material usage and waste, then implemented an optimized procurement strategy and revised inventory management practices that reduced excess stock levels by 40% without impacting production continuity or quality.
  • Quality Improvement Initiative Leader**: Initiated and led a quality improvement program that resulted in a 50% reduction in product defects for Garmin's aviation navigation systems within the first year. Collaborated closely with the R&D and Quality Assurance teams to identify root causes of manufacturing issues, introduced rigorous testing protocols, and updated training programs for staff. This significantly enhanced product reliability and customer satisfaction, contributing to a 15% increase in sales of affected products.

Associate Manufacturing Engineer at Spirit AeroSystems, KS

Jul 2023 - Oct 2023

  • Led a cross-functional team in the implementation of a lean manufacturing initiative that resulted in a 20% increase in production efficiency for the assembly line of commercial aircraft fuselages, directly contributing to a reduction in project lead times from 12 weeks to 9.5 weeks.
  • Spearheaded the development and integration of an automated defect tracking system that reduced manual inspection times by 30%, enhancing product quality and compliance with aerospace standards, and leading to a 15% decrease in rework costs.
  • Initiated and managed a cost-reduction project that saved $500,000 annually by optimizing supply chain logistics and renegotiating contracts with key suppliers without compromising on material quality or delivery timelines.
  • Designed and implemented ergonomic improvements to the manufacturing floor layout, resulting in a 40% reduction in worker fatigue-related incidents and increasing overall staff productivity by 25%.


Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering at Wichita State University, KS

Sep 2019 - May 2023

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Materials Science, Production Systems Management, Quality Control and Assurance, Robotics and Automation, Lean Manufacturing, and Industrial Safety and Ergonomics.


  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • PLC Programming
  • Robotics Integration
  • ISO Standards


  • For Manufacturing Engineers seeking to enhance their credentials through certification, two highly specialized and diverse options include:
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE)** - Offered by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), this certification demonstrates a broad understanding

Tips for Writing a Better Owens Corning Manufacturing Engineer Resume

Creating a standout resume as an Owens Corning Manufacturing Engineer—or for similar roles in other companies—requires a strategic blend of showcasing your technical skills, experience, and your ability to fit into the company culture. Owens Corning, being a global leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composite materials, values innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Here are tips to help you craft a resume that aligns with these values and highlights your qualifications effectively:

1. Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

  • Read the Job Posting Carefully: Identify the keywords and key skills required for the role. Ensure these are reflected in your resume, assuming you possess them.
  • Highlight Relevant Experience: Focus on past roles and projects that align with the manufacturing and engineering skills sought by Owens Corning.

2. Showcase Your Technical Skills

  • List Relevant Skills: Include a section for technical skills such as CAD software, project management tools (e.g., Microsoft Project), and any specific machinery or technology expertise relevant to Owens Corning's manufacturing processes.
  • Certifications and Training: Add any relevant certifications (e.g., Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing) or training that demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in manufacturing engineering.

3. Quantify Your Achievements

  • Use Numbers and Metrics: Quantify your achievements in previous roles with specific metrics, such as efficiency improvements (%), cost savings ($), or productivity increases. This provides concrete evidence of your capabilities.
  • Project Highlights: If you've led or contributed significantly to projects, describe the scope, your role, and the outcome, emphasizing any innovation or improvements you introduced.

4. Demonstrate Your Problem-Solving Skills

  • Problem-Solving Examples: Include examples of how you've identified, analyzed, and solved complex manufacturing problems. This showcases your analytical skills and your ability to apply engineering principles in practical settings.
  • Innovation and Improvements: Highlight any innovative solutions or process improvements you've implemented, showing your contribution to enhancing efficiency, quality, or safety.

5. Include Soft Skills

  • Teamwork and Leadership: Owens Corning values collaboration and leadership. Provide examples of how you've successfully worked in teams or led projects, emphasizing communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability and Learning: Show how you've adapted to new technologies, processes, or challenges, reflecting your willingness to learn and grow.

6. Education and Continuous Learning

  • Degree and Institutions: List your degree(s) in engineering or related fields, along with the institutions where you earned them. If you have a higher degree or specializations, make sure they are prominently featured.
  • Ongoing Education: If you're engaged in any ongoing learning (online courses, professional workshops), include these to demonstrate your commitment to staying current in your field.

7. Format and Clarity

  • Clear, Professional Format: Use a clean, professional layout that makes your resume easy to read. Bullet points, consistent formatting, and strategic use of bold text can help make important information stand out.
  • Proofread: Ensure your resume is free of typos and grammatical errors. This reflects attention to detail—a critical skill for any engineer.

8. Personalize Your Application

  • Cover Letter: Always include a customized cover letter that explains why you're interested in working for Owens Corning specifically, how your skills and experiences align with the company's values and goals, and what you can bring to the team.

Crafting a resume that stands out requires time and thought, but by emphasizing your technical skills, achievements, and alignment with Owens Corning's values, you can significantly increase your chances of landing an interview.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Owens Corning Manufacturing Engineer Resumes

Incorporating keywords from the job description when applying for a Manufacturing Engineer position at Owens Corning is crucial because of the company's reliance on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates. ATS are designed to filter applications by matching keywords from the job description with those found in resumes and cover letters. Since Owens Corning, like many large organizations, receives a high volume of applications, the ATS plays a pivotal role in managing this influx by automatically identifying the most relevant candidates. By strategically including keywords and phrases from the job description—such as "process optimization," "lean manufacturing," "Six Sigma," "project management," and "continuous improvement"—applicants significantly increase their chances of passing through the ATS filter, ensuring their resumes reach human recruiters. This approach demonstrates to Owens Corning that you not only possess the required skills and experience but also that you are attentive and have tailored your application specifically for the role at their company, thereby enhancing your prospects of advancing to the interview stage.

Here are essential skills and key terms often encountered in manufacturing engineer job applications at Owens Corning:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Process ImprovementLean Manufacturing
Six SigmaProject Management
CAD/CAM Software ProficiencyAutomation and Robotics
Quality Control and AssuranceStatistical Process Control (SPC)
Supply Chain ManagementEquipment Troubleshooting
Material ScienceD Printing/Additive Manufacturing
Cost Reduction StrategiesSafety Standards and Regulations
Production Planning and SchedulingContinuous Improvement Techniques
Root Cause AnalysisIndustrial Engineering Principles
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) ProgrammingEnvironmental Compliance
Ergonomics and Human FactorsData Analysis and Interpretation

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Common Action Verbs for Owens Corning Manufacturing Engineer Resumes

Crafting a resume for a position like a Manufacturing Engineer at Owens Corning demands meticulous attention to detail, especially in the choice of action verbs. The challenge lies not just in listing responsibilities and achievements, but in presenting them in a manner that is both compelling and varied. The repetitive use of common verbs such as "managed" or "led" can render the resume monotonous and fail to capture the reader's attention. On the other hand, incorporating a diverse array of action verbs can vividly illustrate the candidate's capabilities and achievements. For example, verbs like "orchestrated," "engineered," "optimized," and "innovated" can convey a strong sense of the candidate's proactive involvement and contributions to projects or processes. This variety not only enhances the readability of the resume but also underscores the breadth of the candidate's skills and experiences, making it more likely to stand out in the competitive job market at Owens Corning. Thus, the careful selection of action verbs is crucial in constructing a Manufacturing Engineer resume that effectively showcases the candidate's qualifications and aligns with Owens Corning's values of innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

To provide you with a competitive advantage, we have curated a list of impactful action verbs designed to enhance your resume and secure your upcoming interview:

Action Verbs

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