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Google Legal Counsel Resume Examples

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This article will provide an overview of how to craft an effective resume for a Legal Counsel position at Google. It will discuss the key skills, experiences, and qualifications needed to make your resume stand out, as well as the importance of tailoring it specifically for the company and role you are applying for. Additionally, strategies on how to highlight accomplishments and successes in legal practice will be discussed.

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Google Legal Counsel Resume Example

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Google Legal Counsel Resume Example

Liora Belland, Legal Counsel


(361) 108-2270

Boise, ID

Professional Summary

I am a Legal Counsel with over 15 years of professional experience providing comprehensive legal guidance. My expertise lies in providing strategic advice, drafting legal documents/contracts, and resolving disputes. I have extensive knowledge of the commercial legal environment and have significant experience in dealing with legal matters pertaining to corporate law, intellectual property, labor and employment, and commercial contracts. I am highly organized and possess strong analytical skills and the ability to review complex documents. I have an excellent track record of helping companies to reduce their legal risks and costs, while protecting their interests.

Work Experience

Senior Legal Counsel at Jones Day, ID

Oct 2022 - Present

  • Negotiated successful settlement of a $14 million dispute between two corporate entities within Jones Day ID’s jurisdiction, improving the firm's reputation and reducing legal costs by 25%.
  • Drafted comprehensive contracts for high-profile clients that resulted in increased business worth an estimated total of $10.5 million over three years.
  • Spearheaded implementation of new compliance procedures at Jones Day ID which improved overall efficiency with time savings amounting to more than 5 hours per week on average across all departments.
  • Advised senior leaders on potential risks associated with various projects resulting in cost avoidance totaling approximately $3 million annually from avoided litigation expenses alone.

Legal Counsel II at DLA Piper, ID

Jul 2018 - Sep 2022

  • Successfully negotiated a settlement agreement between DLA Piper and an opposing party, resulting in the avoidance of costly litigation.
  • Drafted over 60 legal documents for various cases within one year at DLA Piper, ensuring that all requirements were met according to applicable laws.
  • Researched over 50 new legislative changes related to corporate law across four countries on behalf of clients during tenure with DLA Piper ID office – leading to successful business strategies for more than 10 companies.
  • Developed comprehensive training program regarding data privacy regulations which was adopted by 30 lawyers throughout the firm’s global offices - increasing compliance standards significantly.

Legal Counsel I at Morgan Lewis, ID

Aug 2008 - Jun 2018

  • Negotiated the successful settlement of a $5.6M dispute between Morgan Lewis and its client, resulting in an agreement that was accepted by both parties within 3 months (ID#1103).
  • Drafted new employment contracts for over 200 employees at Morgan Lewis’s Los Angeles office which led to improved employee retention rates by 15% (ID #1204).
  • Developed comprehensive legal training program for all staff members at Morgan Lewis, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions (ID #1405).
  • Represented the company successfully in front of numerous courts nationwide leading to favorable rulings on 50+ cases during tenure as Legal Counsel( ID# 1606 ).


Juris Doctor in Law at University of Idaho College of Law, Moscow, ID

Sep 2003 - May 2008

Relevant Coursework: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Property Law, Legal Research & Writing.


  • Legal research
  • Litigation
  • Drafting contracts
  • Negotiation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Strategic advice


  • Certified Legal Manager (CLM)
  • Certified Paralegal Professional (CPP)

Tips for Writing a Better Google Legal Counsel Resume

1. Tailor Your Resume: Make sure that you tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for, and highlight your experience and qualifications that are most relevant to the role.

2. Include Relevant Keywords: Employers often use automated systems to review resumes, so including relevant keywords from the job posting can help ensure your resume is seen by the right people.

3. Showcase Your Legal Skills: Demonstrate your legal skills with examples of how you have used them in previous roles, and include any relevant certifications or educational qualifications.

4. Showcase Your Communication Skills: Google Legal Counsel requires strong communication skills, so be sure to highlight any effective written or verbal communication abilities you possess.

5. Highlight Any Technology Experience You Possess: As a Google Legal Counsel, you will need to be comfortable working with technology, so if you have any experience in this area make sure it is included on your resume.

6. Quantify Results Where Possible: Use data-driven language to demonstrate any successes or achievements you have had in past roles and quantify results where possible.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Google Legal Counsel Resumes

When applying for a Legal Counsel opportunity at Google, it is important to incorporate keywords from the job description into your application materials. This is because Google uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through large volumes of applications and resumes. By including relevant keywords in your resume, cover letter, and other application materials, you can increase your chances of being selected by the ATS for further review. Keywords should be tailored to the specific job opportunity you are applying for, as the ATS will prioritize resumes that match the job requirements.

When applying for legal counsel positions at Google, you may come across common skills and key terms such as those listed below.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
LitigationContract Negotiation
Corporate LawRegulatory Compliance
Risk ManagementLegal Research
Dispute ResolutionDrafting Documents
Intellectual Property RightsMergers & Acquisitions
Employment LawData Protection
Commercial LawFinancial Regulation
Anti-trust/Competition LawTaxation Law
Privacy LawInternational Law
Business TransactionsNegotiating Settlements
Advising ClientsLegal Analysis

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Common Action Verbs for Google Legal Counsel Resumes

Finding different action verbs to use on resumes can be difficult, and it is important to use varied verbs in order to create a strong resume. For example, when creating a Google Legal Counsel Resume, it is important to use action verbs that reflect the skills and experience needed for the role. Examples of such action verbs include "negotiated," "analyzed," "advised," and "drafted." Using these action verbs can help demonstrate your qualifications for the job and make your resume stand out from other applicants.

To give you an advantage over other job candidates, we've gathered a selection of dynamic action verbs that you can use to make your resume stand out and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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