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CVS Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

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This article provides readers with the necessary steps to create an effective resume for a job application as an Administrative Assistant at CVS. It offers advice on what information to include, such as experience, education and skills, and how to highlight qualifications that are relevant to the position. Additionally, it provides tips on how to tailor each resume for individual job postings to make sure the most important skills and qualifications stand out.

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CVS Administrative Assistant Resume Example

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CVS Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Yahne Alferez, Administrative Assistant


(545) 052-2204

Oakland, CA

Professional Summary

A highly organized and reliable Administrative Assistant with over 1 year of experience offering excellent customer service and organizational skills. Possessing strong attention to detail and an ability to multi-task, I have a proven track record of providing administrative support to various departments. I have experience in communicating with clients, scheduling meetings and preparing documents. I have a strong knowledge of office procedures and am proficient in MS Office Suite. In addition, I have excellent problem-solving skills and am able to work independently and collaboratively. I am confident that my skills and experience will be an asset to any organization.

Work Experience

Administrative Assistant at Google LLC, CA

Dec 2022 - Present

  • Streamlined administrative processes to increase efficiency by 40%, saving over $500,000 in costs for Google LLC.
  • Developed a comprehensive customer service program, resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented a new filing system that improved organization and retrieval of documents by 50%.
  • Automated daily administrative tasks, freeing up over 10 hours of time per week.

Administrative Assistant II at Apple Inc., CA

Aug 2022 - Nov 2022

  • Streamlined the administrative process for the Apple Inc. CA office, reducing paperwork by 45% and resulting in a 20% improvement in efficiency.
  • Developed a new filing system for customer records, resulting in a 40% reduction in time spent searching for customer information.
  • Oversaw the successful implementation of a new software system to improve communication and collaboration between departments, leading to a 25% increase in productivity.
  • Coordinated a company-wide event with over 500 guests, increasing employee morale by 30%.


Associate's Degree in Business Administration at Santa Monica College, CA

Aug 2017 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Business Mathematics, Management Principles, Business Law, Human Resources Management, Accounting, and Marketing.


  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving
  • Multi-tasking
  • Microsoft Office


  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Tips for Writing a Better CVS Administrative Assistant Resume

1. Tailor your resume to the job description: Read through the job posting carefully and make sure that you tailor your resume to match the qualifications that are listed in the posting. Highlight any relevant experience or skills that you have that are related to the position.

2. Include keywords from the job posting: Use keywords from the job posting in your resume, as this will help ensure that your resume is more likely to be picked up by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

3. Focus on accomplishments: Employers want to see what kind of results you have achieved in past positions, so include bullet points with specific accomplishments whenever possible.

4. Use a professional format: Make sure that you use a professional format for your resume and keep it organized and easy to read. Avoid using jargon or unfamiliar terms, as these could confuse employers who may not be familiar with them.

5. Showcase your transferable skills: Administrative assistants need many different kinds of skills, so showcase any related experience or transferable skills you have such as customer service, communication, organization, problem-solving, etc.

6. Proofread carefully: Before submitting your resume, make sure that you proofread it carefully for any typos or errors. It’s also a good idea to have someone else look over it for a fresh perspective before submitting it to employers.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on CVS Administrative Assistant Resumes

Incorporating keywords from the job description into your application materials is essential when applying for an Administrative Assistant role at CVS. This is because CVS uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to review resumes and other documents submitted by applicants. ATS are programmed to scan through applications looking for keywords that match the job requirements. Therefore, if you do not include relevant keywords in your application, it may be overlooked by the ATS and you could miss out on a great opportunity.

When applying for administrative assistant positions at CVS, you may come across common skills and key terms such as those listed below.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Time ManagementCommunication
Microsoft OfficeProblem Solving
Attention to DetailData Entry
Calendar ManagementCustomer Service
Filing/Records ManagementMulti-tasking
Project CoordinationResearch
Report PreparationEvent Planning
Travel ArrangementsInventory Control
Document ProcessingTyping

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Common Action Verbs for CVS Administrative Assistant Resumes

The importance of using varied action verbs on a resume for a CVS Administrative Assistant cannot be overstated. In order to make a good impression, it is essential to use language that is both creative and descriptive. This can be challenging as many of the verbs used to describe administrative tasks are similar and often overused. To create an effective resume for this position, it is important to research and find more interesting words that accurately describe the job duties in order to stand out from other applicants.

To give you an advantage in your job search, we've put together a list of powerful action verbs that you can use to boost your resume and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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