12 Sales Team Leader Skills: Definition and Examples

By ResumeCat Editorial Team
Published September 1, 2022

In order to be an effective sales team leader, one must possess a variety of skills. This article will provide definitions for twelve such skills, including: goal setting, time management, communication, delegation, motivation, coaching, training, public speaking, networking, and more. With a clear understanding of these skills, sales team leaders can set themselves up for success.

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Sales Team Leader Skills


The ability to communicate effectively is essential for any sales team leader. They need to be able to communicate their vision and goals to the team, and also be able to listen to and understand the concerns of the team members. Good communication skills will help to build trust and rapport within the team, and make it more likely that team members will be willing to follow the leader's direction.


The ability to motivate a sales team is essential for a sales team leader. Without motivation, a sales team will not be able to perform at its best. A motivated team will be more likely to sell more products and services, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate a team to achieve its goals. As a sales team leader, you need this skill to be able to provide direction and guidance to your team, and to ensure that they are working towards meeting their targets.


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal. It is the ability to communicate and cooperate with others in order to achieve a common goal. It is important for a sales team leader to have this skill because they need to be able to lead their team and get them to work together in order to achieve the team's goals.


Organization is the ability to keep track of multiple tasks and priorities at the same time. As a sales team leader, you will often have to juggle multiple deadlines and projects, so it is important to be able to stay organized. This skill will help you keep your team on track and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Time management

Time management is the ability to use your time efficiently and effectively. As a sales team leader, you need this skill to be able to prioritize tasks, delegate work, and set deadlines. By managing your time well, you can ensure that your team is productive and meeting its goals.

Selling skills

The ability to sell is a critical skill for any team leader. As the leader, you will be responsible for setting the direction and tone for your team, and motivating them to achieve success. Without strong selling skills, you will be unable to effectively communicate your vision and inspire your team to action.

Product knowledge

Product knowledge is critical for a sales team leader in order to be able to effectively sell the product and answer any questions that may come up from potential customers. A sales team leader needs to be able to understand the features and benefits of the product in order to be able to sell it effectively.

Customer service

Customer service is the ability to provide excellent customer service. This means being able to deal with customer inquiries and complaints in a professional and efficient manner. As a sales team leader, you need this skill in order to ensure that your team provides the best possible service to its customers.

Market analysis

A market analysis is a process of gathering and analyzing data about a particular market. This information can be used to assess the current state of the market, as well as identify opportunities and threats. A market analysis can help a sales team leader to develop strategies to improve their team's performance.

Closing skills

The ability to close a sale is essential for any sales team leader. Without this skill, it would be difficult to motivate and manage a sales team. This skill is needed in order to keep the team focused on their goals and to ensure that they are meeting their targets.


Sales team leaders need negotiation skills to be able to effectively manage their teams and get the best results. They need to be able to negotiate with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to get the best terms and conditions for their team. They also need to be able to resolve conflicts within the team and between team members.

How to improve sales team leader skills

Sales team leaders are responsible for the performance of their team and must possess a variety of skills to be successful. The most important skill for a sales team leader is the ability to motivate and lead their team to success. Other essential skills include effective communication, time management, organization, and problem-solving.

As the sales team leader, you are responsible for setting the tone for your team. It is important to be positive and upbeat, even when things are tough. Your attitude will be contagious and will set the tone for how your team approaches challenges. Be sure to praise your team members when they do well and provide constructive feedback when they need improvement.

It is also essential to be an effective communicator. This means being able to clearly articulate expectations, give directions, and provide feedback. Your team members need to feel like they can come to you with questions or concerns. Additionally, you need to be able to effectively communicate with other departments within your company in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

Time management is another critical skill for sales team leaders. You need to be able to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibility appropriately. Additionally, you must be able to stay calm under pressure and meet deadlines. Organization is also key in order to keep track of paperwork, deadlines, etc.

Finally, problem-solving skills are essential for sales team leaders. There will inevitably be challenges that arise throughout the course of business and it is up to you to find solutions. This may involve coming up with creative solutions, troubleshooting issues, or mediating conflict within the team. It is important that you remain calm and collected when faced with challenges so that you can think clearly and make decisions that are in the best interest of your team.

How to highlight sales team leader skills

As a sales team leader, it is important to highlight your skills in order to be successful. Some skills that are important to highlight are: being able to motivate and lead a team, being able to sell and close deals, being organized and efficient, and being able to build relationships. It is also important to be able to handle objections and have a strong understanding of your products or services.

On a resume

In order to highlight your skills as a Sales Team Leader on your resume, you should include any relevant experience that you have in leading a sales team. This could include any formal leadership roles that you have held, as well as any informally recognized leadership roles. You should also highlight any relevant coursework or training that you have completed related to sales team leadership. Finally, you should include any key accomplishments or results that you have achieved while leading a sales team, which could demonstrate your effectiveness in this role.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as a Sales Team Leader. Include examples of times when you successfully led a sales team to reach its goals. Describe how you motivated and inspired your team members to achieve success. Also, mention any relevant experience you have managing and developing sales teams. Ultimately, demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

During an interview

When interviewers ask about your leadership style, be sure to emphasize your ability to motivate and inspire your team. Describe a time when you successfully overcame a challenge as a team leader. Be sure to highlight your skills in communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution.