12 Pbx Operator Skills: Definition and Examples

By ResumeCat Editorial Team
Updated June 7, 2023

A PBX operator is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound calls for a company. They must have excellent customer service skills, as well as the ability to handle a high volume of calls. In addition, PBX operators must be able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Pbx Operator Resume Example

Pbx Operator Skills


Pbx operators need strong communication skills in order to effectively relay messages and instructions to callers. They must be able to speak clearly and concisely, as well as listen attentively to understand the needs of the caller. Pbx operators must also have excellent customer service skills to handle difficult or irate callers.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are the skills that you use to interact with other people. This can include communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. You need these skills in order to be able to effectively work with others.

Organizational skills

Organizational skills are the ability to keep track of multiple tasks and priorities at the same time. As a PBX operator, you will need to be able to juggle multiple phone calls, transfer calls, and take messages while remaining calm and professional. Good organizational skills will help you stay on top of your workload and provide excellent customer service.

Time management

Time management is a skill that is needed in order to be successful in any field. It is especially important for PBX operators, as they need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once and keep track of time in order to ensure that all calls are answered in a timely manner.

Customer service

Customer service is the act of providing support to customers before, during, and after they purchase a product or service. It can include everything from answering customer questions to resolving customer complaints.

Computer literacy

Computer literacy is the ability to use computers and other digital devices to perform basic tasks. This includes being able to use basic software applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets, as well as being able to navigate the internet. Many jobs now require at least basic computer literacy, so it is important to have these skills if you want to be competitive in the job market.

Data entry

Data entry is the process of inputting data into a computer or other electronic system. This can be done by typing, using a mouse or trackpad, scanning, or voice recognition. Data entry is often used to create databases or spreadsheets, but it can also be used to enter information into other types of software.

Data entry is an important skill for anyone who works with computers. It can be used to input information into databases, spreadsheets, and other software programs. It is also a necessary skill for many office and administrative jobs.


Multi-tasking is the ability to juggle multiple tasks or responsibilities at the same time. As a PBX operator, you will often be responsible for handling multiple phone lines, transferring calls, and taking messages. Being able to effectively multi-task will help you to provide efficient and quality service to callers.

Telephone etiquette

Telephone etiquette is the proper way to handle and use the telephone in business and personal settings. It is important to have good telephone etiquette because it shows respect for the person you are talking to, and it can help to create a positive impression of you and your company.

Stress management

Stress management is a skill that helps you deal with stress in a healthy way. It can help you identify the signs of stress, manage your reactions to it, and cope with stressful situations.

Active listening

Active listening is a skill that allows you to fully focus on and understand what another person is saying. This is important for Pbx operators because they need to be able to understand the caller's needs in order to route them to the appropriate extension.


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal. It is an important skill for any job, but it is especially important for jobs that require close collaboration, such as a PBX operator. A PBX operator must be able to effectively communicate with co-workers in order to coordinate the various tasks that need to be completed in order to keep the phone system running smoothly.

How to improve pbx operator skills

The first step to improving your PBX operator skills is to have a clear understanding of what PBX systems are and how they work. A PBX system, also known as a Private Branch Exchange, is a telephone system used within a company or organization that allows for internal calls between employees without using the public telephone network. In order to use a PBX system, you must have a PBX operator.

As a PBX operator, your responsibilities include handling incoming calls, routing calls to the appropriate extension, and transferring calls when necessary. You must also be able to effectively communicate with the caller in order to provide them with the information they need. In addition, you must be able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise with the PBX system.

There are a few key things that you can do in order to improve your skills as a PBX operator. First, it is important that you have a good understanding of the PBX system that you are using. Make sure you know how to use all of the features and functions of the system. This will allow you to more effectively handle calls and resolve any issues that may come up.

In addition, it is also important to be able to effectively communicate with callers. This means being able to understand their needs and providing them with the information they are looking for. It is also important to be able to listen carefully to what the caller is saying in order to properly address their concerns.

Finally, it is also important to be proactive in solving problems that may come up with the PBX system. If you are having trouble with a particular call, take the time to troubleshoot the problem so that you can resolve it quickly and efficiently. By being proactive, you can avoid potential problems before they occur and keep the PBX system running smoothly.

How to highlight pbx operator skills

To highlight your skills as a Pbx Operator, you should focus on your ability to manage multiple phone lines, route calls, and provide customer service. You should also highlight your ability to troubleshoot problems and maintain the PBX system.

On a resume

In order to highlight your skills as a Pbx Operator on a resume, you should list any relevant experience you have in the field, as well as any special training or certifications you may have. You should also highlight any customer service experience you have, as this will be beneficial in the role of Pbx Operator. Finally, be sure to list any relevant computer skills you have, as this is an important part of the job.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as a PBX operator. Include your experience working with a PBX system, as well as your customer service skills. Emphasize your ability to handle a high volume of calls and to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Be sure to mention your flexibility and willingness to work different shifts, as this is often required for this position.

During an interview

In order to highlight your skills as a Pbx Operator during an interview, you should be prepared to discuss your experience with the interviewer. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to operate a Pbx system, and your knowledge of how to troubleshoot common problems. You should also be prepared to discuss the customer service skills you have acquired through your experience.