12 Business Account Manager Skills: Definition and Examples

By ResumeCat Editorial Team
Updated June 7, 2023

In order to be a successful business account manager, there are a few skills that you should possess. This article will give you a definition of each of the 12 skills, so that you can brush up on your business account manager skillset.

Business Account Manager Resume Example

Business Account Manager Skills


The ability to communicate effectively is essential for business account managers. They need to be able to explain complex concepts to clients in a way that is easy to understand, and they also need to be able to listen carefully to client needs and concerns. Good communication skills are also important for building strong relationships with clients and maintaining their trust.

Time Management

Time management is the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize your time in order to achieve specific goals. It is a critical skill for business account managers, who must often juggle multiple deadlines and projects. Time management can help you increase your productivity, reduce stress, and achieve your goals.


Organization is a critical skill for business account managers because they need to be able to keep track of multiple clients and projects simultaneously. They need to be able to prioritize and delegate tasks in order to meet deadlines and keep their clients happy.


The ability to prioritize is critical for business account managers because they must be able to juggle multiple demands from different clients. This skill allows them to identify the most important tasks and ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.

Customer Service

Customer service is the ability to provide excellent customer service. This involves being able to communicate effectively with customers, resolve customer complaints, and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

As a business account manager, you will need excellent customer service skills in order to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients. Good customer service can help to increase customer loyalty and repeat business, and can also lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing for your company.


Negotiation is a skill that is important for business account managers because they need to be able to negotiate with clients in order to get the best possible deals for their company. They also need to be able to negotiate with other businesses in order to get the products and services that their company needs.


The ability to sell is critical for business account managers, as they are responsible for generating revenue for their company. This involves convincing potential customers to purchase products or services from the business, and then maintaining relationships with those customers to encourage repeat business. Sales skills are therefore essential for business account managers in order to be successful in their role.


Marketing is the process of creating value for a company through the creation and distribution of products or services. It is the function that determines what products or services will be offered to customers, how they will be priced, and how they will be promoted. A business account manager needs marketing skills to be able to identify opportunities for their company's products or services, develop marketing campaigns to reach target customers, and track and measure the results of those campaigns.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is the process of evaluating a company's financial statements in order to make better economic decisions. Financial analysts use financial ratios to compare a company's financials to those of other companies in its industry, or to the overall market. Financial ratios can be used to measure a company's liquidity, solvency, profitability, and efficiency.

Business Strategy

The ability to develop and implement business strategy is critical for any business account manager. This skill allows them to identify and capitalize on opportunities, while also mitigating risks. A strong business strategy can mean the difference between success and failure for a company, so it is essential that account managers have the ability to develop and execute one.

Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, executing, and monitoring a project to ensure its successful completion. A business account manager needs this skill to be able to effectively manage projects and ensure that they are completed on time and within budget.


The ability to work effectively as part of a team is essential for any business account manager. This skill allows you to build strong working relationships with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, and to contribute positively to the overall success of the team. Good teamwork requires good communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, so it is important that you are able to demonstrate these abilities in your role.

How to improve business account manager skills

As the business world continues to evolve, so too must the skills of those who manage its accounts. Business account managers must be able to not only keep up with the latest changes and trends, but also anticipate future needs and requirements. They must be strategic thinkers and master communicators, able to build relationships with clients and colleagues alike. In short, they must be true leaders in their field.

If you aspire to become a business account manager, or are already working in this capacity but looking to improve your skills, here are some key areas to focus on:

1. Keep up with changes in the business world

This may seem like an obvious point, but it cannot be overstated. To be a successful business account manager, you must have your finger on the pulse of the latest changes and trends in the business world. This means regularly reading industry-related news and articles, attending relevant conferences and networking events, and generally staying abreast of developments in your field. Only by keeping up with change can you hope to anticipate future needs and requirements – which is essential for success in this role.

2. Be a strategic thinker

A key part of being a successful business account manager is being able to think strategically. This means being able to see the big picture and identify opportunities and threats before they materialise. It also means being able to develop creative solutions to problems, as well as having the foresight to plan for potential challenges down the line. If you want to improve your strategic thinking skills, there are many resources available online and in libraries – make use of them!

3. Master communication

Effective communication is essential for any leader – and that includes business account managers. You must be able to clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas, both in writing and verbally, in order to influence others (be they clients or colleagues). You must also be a good listener, able to take on board feedback and input from others. If you find communication difficult, there are many books and courses available that can help you improve your skills in this area.

4. Build strong relationships

As a business account manager, much of your success will depend on your ability to build strong relationships – both with clients and with colleagues. This means being personable and approachable, as well as being able to empathise with others and see things from their perspective. It also means being trustworthy and reliable; people need to know that they can rely on you to deliver on your promises. If you struggle with building relationships, consider seeking out some professional help – it could make all the difference in your career!

How to highlight business account manager skills

As a Business Account Manager, you will be responsible for managing a portfolio of business accounts. You will need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to build and maintain relationships with your clients. You will also need to be highly organised and efficient in order to manage your time and workload effectively. In addition, you should have good commercial awareness and be able to identify new business opportunities.

On a resume

As a Business Account Manager, you will be responsible for managing a portfolio of business accounts. Your skills in account management, customer service, and sales will be essential in this role. To highlight your skills as a Business Account Manager on your resume, be sure to include your experience managing business accounts and providing excellent customer service. You should also highlight any sales experience you have, as this will be beneficial in this role.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as a Business Account Manager. Include your experience working with clients, managing accounts, and handling customer service inquiries. Mention your ability to upsell and cross-sell products and services, and emphasize your commitment to providing excellent customer service. Be sure to tailor your cover letter to the specific business account manager position you are applying for.

During an interview

When interviewers ask about your skills as a Business Account Manager, be sure to highlight your ability to develop and maintain relationships with clients, your knowledge of sales strategies and your experience managing accounts. You can also discuss your experience creating reports and presentations, as well as your organizational skills. Be sure to give specific examples of how you have used these skills to benefit your previous employers.