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Resume samples

Raley Kuon

raley.kuon@gmail.com | (806) 327-5363 | Harrisburg, PA


As a Wastewater Operator for the past 3 years, I have gained extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of wastewater treatment. My responsibilities have included operating and maintaining equipment, conducting laboratory tests, monitoring compliance with regulations, and ensuring safe work practices. I am highly motivated to provide quality service and contribute to the success of my team. I am confident in my ability to effectively communicate with co-workers, superiors, regulators, and the public.


Wastewater Operator II at Aqua America, PAMay 2022 - Present

  • Monitored and operated wastewater treatment facilities, recording data on process conditions and performing routine maintenance.
  • Conducted laboratory tests of water samples to determine pollution levels, pH balance, and other characteristics.
  • Monitors sludge level in secondary clarifiers using calibrated gauges. Notified supervisor when sludge reached predetermined level requiring removal from tank. Removed settled solids from bottom of tanks using suction hoses attached to vacuum pumps. Transported waste sludge to disposal area according to state regulations. • Inspects equipment for proper functioning Performed emergency repairs as needed such as replacing belts or repairing leaks in order to maintain continuous operation of facility Operated computerized systems controlling the wastewater treatment processes Supervised subordinate staff engaged in monitoring & operating plant equipment.

Wastewater Operator I at United Water, PASep 2019 - Apr 2022

  • Maintained a 97% removal rate of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).
  • Monitored and adjusted sludge blankets, weirs, scum baffles and other equipment to ensure proper operation.
  • Made process control decisions to optimize treatment processes while maintaining effluent quality standards within permit limits.
  • Conducted routine maintenance on pumps, motors, valves and blowers including greasing bearings, changing oil/belts as needed and keeping records up to date.
  • Performed monthly preventative maintenance tasks such as backwashing filters and checking chemical feed systems.
  • Kept accurate operational logs detailing all activities conducted during shift.


High School Diploma at Upper Moreland High School, Upper Moreland, PASep 2014 - May 2019

I have learned many skills while studying for my High School Diploma, including time management, organization, and critical thinking.


  • Math
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Wastewater Treatment Processes and Procedures
  • Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Neyra Magan

neyra.magan@gmail.com | (727) 963-1416 |


I am a Wastewater Operator with over three years of experience in the field. I have worked for both private and public organizations, and have gained a wealth of knowledge in this area. My duties have included overseeing the treatment of wastewater, ensuring that it meets all regulatory standards before being released back into the environment. I have also been responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment, as well as training new staff members on proper procedures. In addition to my operational experience, I also hold a degree in Environmental Science from XYZ University


Wastewater Operator II at Aqua Maine, Inc., MEMar 2022 - Present

  • Monitored and operated wastewater treatment plant equipment to remove physical, chemical, and biological pollutants from domestic and industrial sewage.
  • Collected samples of effluent for laboratory analysis to ensure compliance with state water quality standards.
  • Maintained records of operational data such as pH levels, sludge waste volume, and amount of chlorine used in treatment process.
  • Inspected incoming sewer lines for blockages or leaks using CCTV cameras.
  • Performed maintenance on plant equipment such as backwashing filters and replacing worn parts.
  • Trained new operators on proper use of plant equipment.

Wastewater Operator I at Kennebec Water District, MEAug 2019 - Jan 2022

  • Operated and monitored wastewater treatment plant equipment.
  • Monitored plant process parameters and made necessary adjustments to maintain optimal operation.
  • Conducted laboratory analysis of water samples to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Maintained accurate records of all plant operations, including data logging and reporting.
  • Performed routine maintenance on all plant equipment.
  • Assisted in the training of new operators.


High School Diploma at Portland High School, Portland, MESep 2015 - May 2019

I have learned organizational skills, time management, and how to study for exams.


  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Water Quality Control
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Operations and Management