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Writing a great massage therapist resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

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If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own massage therapist resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the massage therapist job you're after.

Resume samples

Rodneisha Keiffer | (676) 556-0818 | Albuquerque, NM


I am a massage therapist with over 1 year of experience. I have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds, and I have developed a strong reputation as an effective and compassionate practitioner. I specialize in Swedish massage, but I am also skilled in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques. My goal is always to provide my clients with the best possible experience, tailoring each session to their individual needs. Through my work, I have helped many people reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve their overall sense of wellbeing. I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals for improved health and relaxation


Massage Therapist at Massage Heights, NMJun 2022 - Present

  • Maintained a clientele of 50+ regular clients.
  • Successfully completed 500+ massages.
  • Created customized massage treatments based on each client’s individual needs.
  • Utilized various massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.
  • Effectively communicated with clients to determine the best course of treatment.
  • Continually sought out continuing education opportunities to stay abreast of latest industry developments.

Massage Therapist Trainee at Massage Envy, NMAug 2021 - May 2022

  • Trained in various massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy.
  • Learned how to properly drape clients during a massage session.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in using different types of massage equipment.
  • Developed strong communication skills with clients to ensure they are comfortable throughout the session.
  • Managed time efficiently by completing massages within the allotted 60-minute timeframe.
  • Maintained a clean and professional work environment.


Massage Therapy Diploma at Central New Mexico Community College, NMAug 2016 - May 2021

I have learned how to massage people, how to use my hands to feel for knots and tension in muscles, and how to give a relaxing and therapeutic massage.


  • Massage Techniques
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Pathology
  • Business Management
  • Ethics
  • Marketing

Mila Wiskow | (677) 767-7455 | Albuquerque, NM


As a Massage Therapist, I have over 1 year of experience helping people to relax and feel better. I specialize in Swedish massage, but can also do deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and pregnancy massage. I am passionate about my work and love seeing the positive effects that it has on my clients.


Massage Therapist at Massage Heights, NMApr 2022 - Present

  • Trained in various massage techniques including Swedish, sports, and deep tissue.
  • Worked with clients to relieve pain from chronic conditions such as backaches, headaches, and fibromyalgia.
  • Helped athletes recover from injuries and improve performance through targeted massages.
  • Assisted pregnant women in managing discomfort during pregnancy and preparing for childbirth.
  • Provided relaxation for clients suffering from stress-related issues such as anxiety and insomnia.
  • Facilitated healing after surgery or trauma.

Massage Therapist Trainee at The Massage Company, NMJul 2021 - Mar 2022

  • I completed my training and became a licensed massage therapist.
  • I built up a clientele of regular clients who came to me for massage therapy on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • I developed strong relationships with these clients, providing them with personalized care and attention.
  • Through word-of-mouth referrals, I was able to expand my business and attract new clients.


Massage Therapy Diploma at Central New Mexico Community College, NMSep 2017 - May 2021

Anatomy, physiology, massage techniques, communication skills.


  • Massage techniques
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Pathology
  • Business skills
  • Marketing
  • Clientele development