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If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own criminal investigator resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the criminal investigator job you're after.

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Lynnea Valmores | (844) 213-6633 | Fort Collins, CO



Criminal Investigator III at Federal Bureau of Investigation, COMay 2022 - Present

  • Successfully investigated and closed 100 complex felony cases.
  • Successfully apprehended 50 dangerous criminals.
  • Recovered $1 million in stolen property.
  • Seized $2 million in illegal drugs.
  • Trained 20 new investigators.
  • Presented at 10 conferences on investigative techniques.

Criminal Investigator II at Drug Enforcement Administration, COJul 2020 - Apr 2022

  • Led a team of 5 detectives in investigating a string of robberies targeting local businesses.
  • Successfully apprehended the suspect within 2 weeks and recovered $10,000 worth of stolen property.
  • Conducted 50 interviews during an embezzlement investigation at a large corporation.
  • Gathered enough evidence to secure indictments against 3 individuals involved in the scheme.
  • Recovered over $1 million dollars that had been misappropriated.
  • Testified as an expert witness in court on 4 occasions regarding cases involving fraud and money laundering.

Criminal Investigator I at United States Secret Service, COSep 2015 - Jun 2020

  • Successfully investigated and closed 100 cases.
  • Developed and implemented new investigative techniques that increased case clearances by 20%.
  • Created a database of local criminal activity that helped to solve 5 high-profile cases.
  • Worked closely with the district attorney's office to secure 10 indictments against major drug dealers in the city.
  • Successfully completed undercover operations that led to the arrest of 15 individuals involved in human trafficking.


Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice at Arapahoe Community CollegeAug 2010 - May 2015

I have learned research, writing, and analytical skills while studying for my Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice.


  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Evidence Collection and Analysis
  • Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Forensic Science
  • Surveillance Techniques
  • Report Writing

Carrah Murr | (145) 733-6000 | 1234 Example St.



Criminal Investigator III at Louisiana State Police, LAMar 2022 - Present

  • Investigated and solved 100 complex felony cases.
  • Led a team of 10 investigators in solving a high-profile case.
  • Recovered $5 million in stolen property.
  • Trained 50 new investigators on best practices.
  • Presented at national conferences on innovative investigative techniques.

Criminal Investigator II at New Orleans Police Department, LAJul 2018 - Jan 2022

  • Investigated and solved 100+ complex felony cases, with a 90% success rate.
  • Led or assisted in 20+ high-profile investigations, resulting in successful prosecutions.
  • Trained and mentored 10+ new investigators, helping them to become successful members of the team.
  • Presented expert testimony in 50+ court cases, leading to convictions in all but 5 cases.
  • Negotiated 25+ plea agreements with defendants, resulting in significant prison sentences.

Criminal Investigator I at Baton Rouge Police Department, LASep 2015 - Jun 2018

  • Successfully investigated and closed 100 cases during tenure as Criminal Investigator I.
  • Successfully apprehended 50 criminals through the use of investigative techniques.
  • Recovered $2 million in stolen property through investigations.
  • Awarded “Investigator of the Year” by department 3 times.
  • Trained 5 new investigators on proper investigation techniques.


Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LASep 2011 - May 2015

I have learned how to communicate with people of all backgrounds, how to report and document accurately, and how to think critically and solve problems.


  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Ballistics
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Trace evidence analysis
  • Forensic anthropology
  • DNA profiling