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Zoom Internal Auditor Resume Examples

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This insightful article offers comprehensive guidance on crafting a compelling resume for the role of an Internal Auditor for Zoom. It delves into the fundamental components, required skill sets, and relevant experiences that make a candidate stand out in this highly competitive field. The piece provides tips on how to highlight your expertise in auditing, risk management, compliance, and information technology relevant to Zoom's operations. It also explains how to showcase soft skills such as communication and problem-solving, which are crucial in remote working environments. Instead of focusing on formatting, it emphasizes tailoring content to demonstrate your suitability for the job at hand.

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Zoom Internal Auditor Resume Example

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Zoom Internal Auditor Resume Example

Suzann Desonia, Internal Auditor


(282) 172-1216

Seattle, WA

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented Internal Auditor with 2 years of experience in the financial sector. Proven ability to conduct comprehensive audits, deliver thorough reports, and recommend effective operational changes. Holds a strong understanding of regulatory guidelines and compliance. Exceptional analytical skills, capable of identifying discrepancies and providing valuable solutions. Adept at improving internal controls to boost efficiency and accuracy.

Work Experience

Senior Internal Auditor at Amazon, WA

Jun 2023 - Present

  • Successfully spearheaded a comprehensive internal audit of Amazon's financial systems, identifying and mitigating risks that could have resulted in over $2 million in losses.
  • Led a team in a thorough review of all internal controls, resulting in the implementation of 15 new processes that significantly improved operational efficiency by 25%.
  • Conducted rigorous fraud detection audits across multiple departments, uncovering discrepancies that led to the recovery of approximately $500,000.

Internal Auditor at Microsoft Corporation, WA

Sep 2021 - Apr 2023

  • Led a team to conduct an internal audit of Microsoft's financial systems, resulting in the identification and resolution of $2.5 million worth of discrepancies, improving the overall financial integrity by 15%.
  • Successfully implemented a risk-based internal audit strategy that reduced audit cycle times by 30%, increasing efficiency and saving the company approximately $500,000 annually.
  • Identified and mitigated over 100 potential risks related to intellectual property theft and cyber-security breaches, reducing the company's potential liability by an estimated $10 million.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting at University of Washington, WA

Sep 2017 - May 2021

Relevant Coursework: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Business Law, Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Accounting Information Systems, Economics, Business Statistics, Corporate Finance, and Financial Statement Analysis.


  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Compliance Testing
  • Fraud Detection
  • SAP Proficiency
  • SQL Knowledge
  • Tableau Expertise


  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Tips for Writing a Better Zoom Internal Auditor Resume

1. Highlight Relevant Skills: As an internal auditor, you need to have strong analytical, communication and organizational skills. If you have experience with auditing software or specific industries, mention these as well.

2. Use Action Words: Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and achievements. This makes your resume more dynamic and compelling.

3. Quantify Achievements: Wherever possible, use numbers to quantify your achievements. For example, instead of saying "Increased efficiency in auditing process", say "Increased auditing efficiency by 20%".

4. Include Certifications: If you have any relevant certifications such as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), include them in your resume.

5. Tailor Your Resume: Each company has different requirements for their internal auditor position, so it's important to tailor your resume for each job application.

6. Keep it Concise: Avoid unnecessary jargon and keep your sentences short and clear.

7. Highlight Your Experience with Zoom: Since many audits are now conducted remotely due to the pandemic, it's important to highlight any experience you have using Zoom for audits.

8. Mention Technology Proficiency: Besides Zoom, mention your proficiency in other technology tools that are commonly used in internal auditing like Microsoft Office Suite, data analysis software etc.

9. Include Relevant Coursework or Training: If you've taken courses or training related to internal auditing or relevant areas like finance or accounting, be sure to include them on your resume.

10. Proofread Thoroughly: Make sure there are no grammatical errors or typos on your resume; these mistakes can make a bad impression on hiring managers.

11. Use a Professional Format: Ensure that the layout of the resume is professional and easy-to-read with consistent formatting throughout.

12. Show Career Progression: If possible, show how you've progressed in your career as an auditor – this could be through promotions or taking on larger audits over time.

13. List Any Industry Specific Experience - Industries often have their own specific regulations and standards for audits so if you've worked within a certain industry before this could be a big plus point.

14. Keep It Updated - Make sure all information is current including contact details and recent work experiences.

15.Use Bullet Points - To make reading easier use bullet points when listing out responsibilities and achievements under each job role.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Zoom Internal Auditor Resumes

When applying for an Internal Auditor position at Zoom, it is crucial to incorporate keywords from the job description into your application materials. This is because Zoom, like many other companies, uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in their hiring process. An ATS is designed to sift through numerous applications and highlight those that best match the job requirements based on specific keywords and phrases. If your resume or cover letter does not contain these critical words, your application may be overlooked, regardless of your qualifications. Therefore, by mirroring the language used in the job description, you increase the likelihood of your application being flagged as a strong match for the position.

When applying for internal auditor positions at Zoom, you may encounter key terms and a list of common skills.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Risk AssessmentFinancial Analysis
Regulatory ComplianceInternal Controls Evaluation
Auditing Principles KnowledgeData Analysis
Attention to DetailProblem-Solving Skills
Communication SkillsReport Writing
Fraud DetectionEthical Conduct
Business AcumenTime Management Skills
Critical ThinkingConfidentiality Maintenance
Process Improvement StrategiesProject Management
IT ProficiencyAccounting Knowledge
Decision-Making AbilitiesTeamwork and Collaboration

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Common Action Verbs for Zoom Internal Auditor Resumes

Creating a Zoom Internal Auditor Resume can be challenging, particularly when it comes to selecting suitable action verbs to include. The repeated use of common verbs such as 'managed', 'led' or 'handled' can make your resume seem generic and unimpressive. To stand out from the competition, it's important to utilize a variety of dynamic and impactful action verbs that accurately describe your skills, experience and achievements. These could include words like 'orchestrated', 'streamlined', 'negotiated' or 'implemented'. Using varied verbs not only adds interest to your resume but also provides a more comprehensive picture of your capabilities as an Internal Auditor for Zoom, thereby increasing your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

To provide you with an advantage over other candidates, we've assembled a list of potent action verbs that can enhance your resume and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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