What does an Engineering Assistant do?

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An engineering assistant helps engineers with tasks such as research, data analysis, and report writing. They may also help with the development and testing of products or systems.

Engineering Assistant job duties include:

  • Assisting engineers with various tasks
  • Answering phones and routing calls
  • Managing schedules and appointments
  • Drafting correspondence and other documents
  • Maintaining filing systems
  • Coordinating projects and meetings
  • Monitoring engineer’s work to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Performing research as needed
  • Providing administrative support as needed

Engineering Assistant Job Requirements

An engineering assistant typically needs at least an associate's degree in engineering, although a bachelor's degree is often preferred. Certification is not usually required, but it may be helpful. Engineering assistants typically need several years of experience working in engineering before they can be promoted to a higher position.

Engineering Assistant Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Technical writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Computer skills

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How to become an Engineering Assistant

There are many ways to become an engineering assistant. One way is to have a degree in engineering from an accredited college or university. Another way is to have experience working as an engineering technician or in a related field. There are also many professional organizations that offer certification programs for engineering assistants.

The most important thing for anyone interested in becoming an engineering assistant is to have the necessary skills and knowledge. Engineering assistants must be able to read and understand blueprints and other technical drawings. They must also be familiar with the various types of equipment and tools used in engineering and construction projects. In addition, engineering assistants must be able to communicate effectively with engineers, other technicians, and construction workers.

Those interested in becoming an engineering assistant should contact local engineering firms or construction companies to inquire about job openings. Many times, these companies will require applicants to take a written examination or participate in an interview before being hired.

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