What does an Activity Director do?

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An activity director is responsible for organizing and implementing a program of activities for residents of a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home. The goal of the program is to provide residents with opportunities for socialization, recreation, and personal fulfillment.

The activity director works with the facility's staff, residents, and their families to develop an individualized plan for each resident. The plan takes into account the resident's interests, abilities, and needs. The activity director also coordinates the activities of volunteers who work with residents.

Activity Director job duties include:

  • Plan, organize, and direct recreation programs for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, or other institutions
  • Select activities that will appeal to the interests and abilities of each patient
  • Adapt activities to the physical and mental limitations of each patient
  • Instruct patients in proper use of equipment and safety precautions
  • Lead or coach patients in individual or group activities
  • Observe patients during activities and evaluate their performance, progress, and reaction to activities
  • Consult with medical staff to determine when and how activity programs can best meet the needs of individual patients
  • Maintain records of patient participation in activities and changes in physical or mental condition
  • Plan special events, such as parties, outings, and religious services

Activity Director Job Requirements

An Activity Director is responsible for the planning and execution of activities for patients in a healthcare setting. They must have a minimum of a high school diploma, although many Activity Directors have a bachelor's degree in recreation therapy or a related field. Certification is available through the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC). Experience working with the elderly population is preferred.

Activity Director Skills

  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Patience
  • People skills
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-tasking
  • Communication
  • Detail oriented
  • Problem solving
  • Time management

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How to become an Activity Director

An activity director is responsible for the planning and execution of activities for a group of people, usually in a retirement home, hospital, or nursing home. There are many ways to become an activity director, but most likely it will involve completing a degree or certification program in recreation therapy or a related field. Many activity directors have previous experience working in recreation or as a certified nurse assistant.

The first step to becoming an activity director is to complete an accredited degree or certification program. Once you have completed your education, you will need to obtain a state license if your state requires it. After you have obtained your license, you will need to find a job at a retirement home, hospital, or nursing home. Once you have been hired, you will be responsible for the planning and execution of activities for the residents.

To be successful as an activity director, you should be organized and have good communication skills. You should also be able to work well with others and be able to motivate people.

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