What does a Tax Professional do?

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A tax professional is responsible for preparing and filing taxes for individuals and businesses. They may also provide tax planning and advice to clients in order to minimize their tax liability.

Tax Professional job duties include:

  • Research and stay current on tax laws, regulations, and court rulings to ensure compliance with all applicable rules
  • Prepare and file tax returns for individuals, businesses, and organizations in a timely and accurate manner
  • Represent clients before the IRS and other tax authorities
  • Advocate on behalf of clients to secure the best possible outcome in audits, appeals, and collections proceedings
  • Identify opportunities for clients to minimize their tax liability through strategic planning
  • Develop and implement tax strategies in accordance with changes in the tax code
  • Advise clients on the implications of proposed transactions
  • Prepare estimated tax projections and advise clients on the payment of taxes
  • Assist clients in complying with reporting requirements imposed by state and local taxing authorities

Tax Professional Job Requirements

There are a few requirements for becoming a tax professional. Firstly, most tax professionals have a degree in accounting or a related field. Secondly, many tax professionals are certified public accountants (CPAs). Finally, most tax professionals have several years of experience working in accounting or tax.

Tax Professional Skills

  • Tax law
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Tax research
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax reporting
  • Tax auditing
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax software
  • Tax problem solving

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How to become a Tax Professional

There are many tax professionals who help people and businesses with their taxes. They usually have a four-year degree in accounting or a related field, and they must pass a certified public accountant (CPA) exam. Some states also require tax professionals to take continuing education courses to keep their license active.

To become a tax professional, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Get a four-year degree in accounting or a related field.

2. Pass the certified public accountant (CPA) exam.

3. Complete continuing education courses (if required by your state).

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