What does a Sonar Technician do?

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A sonar technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of sonar equipment. This equipment is used to detect and track underwater objects, such as submarines and mines. Sonar technicians must be able to troubleshoot problems with this complex equipment and make repairs as necessary. They also must be able to interpret the data that is collected by the sonar equipment in order to provide information to commanders that can be used in making decisions about military operations.

Sonar Technician job duties include:

  • Operating sonar equipment
  • Maintaining and repairing sonar equipment
  • Conducting sonar surveys
  • Analyzing sonar data
  • Interpreting sonar data
  • Reporting on sonar findings
  • Training other personnel in the use of sonar equipment
  • Coordinating with other members of a survey team
  • Presenting sonar findings to clients or superiors

Sonar Technician Job Requirements

A sonar technician is responsible for the maintenance and operation of sonar equipment. They must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and must be able to pass a background check and drug test. Some employers may require certification from the National Sonar Association or the American Society of Naval Engineers. Experience with sonar equipment is also helpful.

Sonar Technician Skills

  • Operate and maintain sonar equipment
  • Track and identify objects in water
  • Analyze data to determine object location, speed, and direction
  • Communicate findings to other members of the ship’s crew
  • Calibrate sonar equipment
  • Perform routine maintenance on sonar equipment
  • Keep detailed records of all data collected
  • Prepare reports of findings
  • Work as part of a team
  • Follow orders from superiors
  • Stay calm in stressful situations

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How to become a Sonar Technician

Becoming a Sonar Technician is not as difficult as one might think. There are many schools that offer certification in this field, and the job market is always in need of qualified technicians. The first step to becoming a Sonar Technician is to research the different schools that offer this certification. Once you have chosen a school, you will need to complete an application and submit any necessary transcripts or test scores. After you have been accepted into the program, you will need to complete a certain number of credit hours in order to receive your certification.

The coursework for becoming a Sonar Technician will vary depending on which school you attend, but it will typically include classes on sonar technology, physics, mathematics, and electronics. You will also likely be required to complete an internship or externship in order to gain hands-on experience working with sonar equipment. Once you have completed your coursework and internship, you will be prepared to take the final exam and become certified as a Sonar Technician.

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