What does a Safety Associate do?

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A safety associate is responsible for ensuring that an organization's workplace is safe. They develop and implement safety policies, conduct safety audits, and investigate accidents. They also educate employees on safety procedures and provide training on how to safely perform tasks.

Safety Associate job duties include:

  • Investigate accidents and near-misses to identify root causes and recommend corrective actions
  • Conduct safety audits and inspections to identify potential hazards
  • Develop and implement safety policies, procedures and programs
  • Train employees on safety procedures and proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Monitor compliance with safety regulations and company policies
  • Investigate employee concerns or complaints about unsafe working conditions
  • Prepare reports on safety activities, including accident investigations, audits and inspections
  • Recommend improvements to safety programs based on findings from investigations, audits and inspections
  • Keep abreast of new developments in safety standards and best practices

Safety Associate Job Requirements

A Safety Associate typically needs a high school diploma or equivalent, although some jobs may require postsecondary education, and must complete on-the-job training. Many employers also prefer to hire candidates who have completed a certified safety program. In terms of experience, most Safety Associates have at least 1-3 years of experience in a related field such as occupational health and safety, environmental health and safety, or emergency management.

Safety Associate Skills

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • AED
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Severe Weather Procedures
  • Lockdown Procedures
  • Hazard Communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Ergonomics

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How to become a Safety Associate

There are many ways to become a safety associate. One way is to have a degree in safety management or a related field. Another way is to have experience working in the safety field. You can also become a safety associate by taking courses offered by the National Safety Council or other organizations. You can also become a safety associate by passing an examination offered by the National Safety Council or other organizations.

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