What does a Forester do?

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A forester is a professional in the field of forestry, managing forests.

Forester job duties include:

  • Manage forest resources
  • Plan and direct forestry operations
  • Establish and maintain forest management programs
  • Oversee tree planting, thinning, and harvesting operations
  • Conduct timber sales and appraisals
  • Prepare environmental impact studies
  • Manage forest fire control programs
  • Monitor compliance with environmental regulations
  • Supervise forestry workers

Forester Job Requirements

A forester is a professional who manages forests. They ensure that forests are healthy and productive, while also protecting them from environmental threats. Foresters typically have a bachelor's degree in forestry or a related field, and many states require them to be licensed. Some foresters also have a master's degree. Foresters typically have several years of experience working in the forestry field before becoming a forester.

Forester Skills

  • Felling
  • Bucking
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Thinning
  • Brushing
  • Mapping
  • GPS use
  • Compass use
  • First Aid
  • CPR

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How to become a Forester

Foresters are responsible for the management and conservation of forests and woodland. They plan and carry out forestry operations, including felling trees, planting and thinning, and supervising contractors. Foresters also conduct environmental impact assessments and produce reports on the condition of forests.

To become a forester, you will need to have a degree in forestry or a related subject such as environmental science. You will also need to be physically fit as the job involves a lot of outdoor work. Experience in tree felling, planting and thinning would be an advantage.

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