What does a Computer Programmer do?

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A computer programmer is someone who writes code that tells a computer what to do. This can be anything from creating a new software program to making a website more user-friendly.

Computer Programmer job duties include:

  • Convert project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to detailed logical flow charts for coding into computer language.
  • Develop and write computer programs to store, locate, and retrieve specific documents, data, and information.
  • Respond to requests for assistance from users with computer problems.
  • Specify input data, output formats, and steps needed to develop or modify programs.
  • Train staff and users to use new or modified programs.
  • Perform systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain and control the use of computer systems in an organization.
  • May also set up Web sites.
  • May design and develop graphical user interface (GUI) for new application using storyboard techniques, create prototypes, or review designs created by others.
  • May consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles.

Computer Programmer Job Requirements

Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, although some employers will hire workers with an associate’s degree. Many programmers also have a master’s degree. Employers increasingly require programmers to have experience with specific programming languages and systems. In addition, employers value programmers who are familiar with multiple programming languages and who have experience with popular software development tools.

Computer Programmer Skills

  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Problem solving
  • Testing
  • Version control
  • Web development
  • Algorithm design
  • Data structures
  • Databases

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How to become a Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is someone who writes code that tells a computer what to do. In order to become a computer programmer, you will need to learn how to code. There are many resources available to help you learn how to code, including online courses, coding bootcamps, and books. Once you have learned how to code, you can start applying for jobs as a computer programmer.

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