What does a Busboy do?

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A busboy is a restaurant worker who helps the waitstaff clear and reset tables. Busboys also may help with other tasks such as washing dishes and preparing food.

Busboy job duties include:

  • Clean and reset tables after customers have finished dining
  • Remove dirty dishes, glasses, and silverware from tables and transport them to the dishwashing area
  • Sweep and mop floors in the dining area
  • Clean restrooms
  • Stock supplies such as napkins, utensils, and condiments in the dining area
  • Greet customers as they arrive and seat them at tables
  • Answer customers' questions about menu items
  • Take customers' orders and relay them to kitchen staff
  • Bring food and drinks to customers' tables

Busboy Job Requirements

There are no formal education requirements for busboys, but some restaurants may prefer applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent. Certification is not required, but completing a food service safety course can give job seekers an edge over the competition. Experience is also helpful, but not always necessary. Many restaurants are willing to train new employees on the proper way to clear and reset tables.

Busboy Skills

  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Stocking
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Trash removal
  • Dishwashing
  • Table bussing
  • Assisting servers
  • Restocking supplies

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How to become a Busboy

Assuming you would like tips on becoming a busboy:

The first step is to find a restaurant that is hiring. Many restaurants post their open positions on job boards or online. Once you have found a place that you would like to work, apply for the position.

If you are hired, the next step is to shadow another busboy to see what the job entails. This will help you understand what is expected of you and give you a chance to ask any questions.

Once you have a good understanding of the job, it is important to be efficient and organized in your work. Busboys are responsible for keeping the dining room clean and clearing away dishes from tables. This can be done by working quickly and staying on top of any messes that occur.

It is also important to be friendly and helpful to customers. Busboys play an important role in providing good customer service. This includes being attentive to customers’ needs and helping them in any way possible.

By following these tips, you can become a successful busboy.

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