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Walmart Truck Driver Resume Examples

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This article will provide an overview on how to write a resume for Walmart as a Truck Driver. It will explain the necessary qualifications, experience, and skills needed to be successful in this role, as well as outline tips for writing a strong resume that will grab the hiring manager's attention. Additionally, it will offer advice on how to highlight relevant experience and demonstrate knowledge of Walmart's business operations.

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Walmart Truck Driver Resume Example

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Walmart Truck Driver Resume Example

Jolyn Denenberg, Truck Driver


(488) 139-9723

Cheyenne, WY

Professional Summary

I am a professional truck driver with over 1 year of experience. I have a valid commercial driver's license and a proven record of safe and efficient operation of vehicles of all sizes, including tractor-trailers. I have expertise in local and long-distance hauling of general freight, hazardous materials and fragile cargo. I have the ability to navigate using paper maps and digital navigation systems. My strong communication skills enable me to effectively interact with customers, coworkers and supervisors. I am committed to providing exceptional customer service while providing on-time delivery of goods. I am reliable, detail-oriented and always willing to go the extra mile.

Work Experience

Truck Driver at Schneider National, WY

Oct 2022 - Present

  • Successfully transported over 10,000 tons of freight to various destinations across the United States while employed at Schneider National (WY) - 2018-2019.
  • Maintained a perfect safety record throughout my two years with the company by completing all required inspections and driving safely on highways and city streets.
  • Received multiple awards for outstanding customer service from clients who praised me for prompt delivery times as well as professional communication skills when dealing with any issues that arose during their shipment process.
  • Recognized by management team in 2019 due to achieving highest fuel efficiency rating among drivers within same fleet size – averaged 7 miles/gallon above company average standard set forth each month.

Truck Driver Trainee at Maverick Transportation, WY

Sep 2022 - Aug 2022

  • Achieved perfect safety record of 0 incidents in 6 months: As a Truck Driver Trainee at Maverick Transportation, WY I achieved an impeccable safety record with zero accidents or traffic violations after driving over 10,000 miles.
  • Exceeded expectations by completing training program 3 weeks early: After enrolling as a trainee driver and working hard to complete the necessary certification requirements on time, I successfully graduated from my truck-driving school 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Received highest possible grade during final road test evaluation (A+): With consistent focus and dedication towards learning all aspects related to safe vehicle operation I was able to gain proficiency quickly which resulted in me achieving the top score for my final practical exam – A+.
  • Completed 500 hours behind wheel without any incident report filed against me: During my tenure at Maverick Transportation as a trainee driver, I drove more than 500 hours safely without causing any accident or receiving violation ticket ensuring that company’s reputation is maintained intact.


Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY

Aug 2018 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Safety Regulations, Vehicle Inspection, Defensive Driving, Hazardous Materials Transportation.


  • Driving
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Time Management
  • Navigation
  • Load Security
  • Customer Service
  • Safety Awareness


  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Tips for Writing a Better Walmart Truck Driver Resume

1. Include Your Contact Information: Make sure to include your full name, address, phone number, and email address so that employers can contact you easily.

2. Highlight Your Skills: Use a section to highlight the skills that make you an ideal candidate for the position. This could include anything from your experience with truck driving to customer service experience.

3. Focus on Accomplishments: Use bullet points to list any accomplishments you’ve had while working in the industry, such as awards or certifications you’ve earned.

4. Emphasize Your Education: If you have a degree or certificate related to truck driving, be sure to include this information in your resume so that employers know what qualifications you have for the job.

5. Tailor It To The Job Description: Read through the job description carefully and tailor your resume accordingly by including relevant keywords and phrases from the job posting in your resume. This will help ensure that your resume gets noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Walmart Truck Driver Resumes

When applying for a Truck Driver opportunity at Walmart, it is important to incorporate keywords from the job description into your resume and cover letter. This is because Walmart uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which are designed to scan resumes and cover letters for relevant keywords. Keywords can include specific job titles, skills, qualifications, or any other terms that appear in the job description. By incorporating these keywords into your application documents, you will be more likely to stand out from other applicants and be noticed by Walmart's ATS.

Below is a list of key skills and terminology you may come across when applying for truck driver positions at Walmart:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
DrivingTime Management
Route PlanningLoad Securement
Logbook ComplianceDefensive Driving
Customer ServiceVehicle Maintenance
Problem SolvingCommunication
Physical StrengthAttention to Detail
OrganizationHazardous Materials Handling
Trip PlanningCargo Inspection
Fuel EfficiencyMulti-tasking
TroubleshootingMap Reading

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Common Action Verbs for Walmart Truck Driver Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on a Walmart Truck Driver resume can be difficult. It is important to use varied and specific verbs in order to create an effective resume that will stand out from the competition. Examples of powerful action verbs for a Walmart Truck Driver resume include operated, delivered, navigated, transported, unloaded, loaded, maintained, inspected and repaired. These verbs help demonstrate the applicant's experience and skills in the truck driving industry. Additionally, including metrics such as miles driven or number of deliveries made gives the employer an idea of how productive they can expect the applicant to be.

To give you a competitive edge and help you land your next interview, we've compiled a list of powerful action verbs you can use to strengthen your resume:

Action Verbs

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