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Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resume Examples

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This article provides an overview of the qualifications and experience needed to write a successful resume for a Walmart Janitorial Supervisor position. It outlines key skills that should be highlighted, such as an understanding of janitorial safety protocols, strong customer service experience, and the ability to manage a team of janitors. Additionally, it provides tips on how to effectively present your qualifications in order to stand out from other applicants.

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Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resume Example

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Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resume Example

Cathern Pocrnich, Janitorial Supervisor


(644) 314-6475

Tulsa, OK

Professional Summary

I am a highly organized and experienced Janitorial Supervisor with over 2 years of experience. I have a proven track record of providing efficient and cost-effective janitorial services to a variety of clients in different industries. I have excellent knowledge of safety regulations and procedures, including OSHA and CDC guidelines. I have managed a team of up to 10 janitors, ensuring the completion of daily tasks and overseeing the quality of their work. In addition, I have implemented a number of strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. My strong communication and problem-solving skills have enabled me to quickly and effectively resolve any issues that arise.

Work Experience

Janitorial Supervisor at Tri-State Janitorial & Maintenance, OK

Oct 2022 - Present

  • Reduced janitorial costs by 20% within the first year of employment at Tri-State Janitorial & Maintenance. Developed and implemented a new supply ordering system which improved cost efficiency, reduced waste, and increased employee productivity.
  • Managed team of 10 employees to effectively clean 3 large office buildings in Oklahoma City on nightly basis while maintaining highest standards for quality assurance. Implemented training program that resulted in more than 85% retention rate among staff members over 2 years period - significantly higher than industry average.
  • Spearheaded successful initiative to reduce water usage by 30%, resulting an estimated $10K savings annually through installation of low flow toilets and faucet aerators throughout all facilities managed by Tri-State Janitorial & Maintenance across OK region.

Janitorial Assistant Supervisor at Cintas Corporation, OK

Sep 2021 - Aug 2022

  • Developed and implemented a new safety program for janitorial staff, resulting in an 18% decrease in workplace injuries at Cintas Corporation.
  • Supervised 12 janitors on the night shift; ensured all tasks were completed efficiently with minimal disruption to operations.
  • Trained 5 newly hired employees on proper cleaning techniques which resulted in improved productivity by 25%.


High School Diploma at Edmond North High School, Edmond, OK

Sep 2017 - May 2021

Relevant Coursework: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Elective Courses.


  • Supervisory
  • Cleaning
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Training
  • Problem-solving


  • Certified Janitorial Supervisor (CJS)
  • Certified Building Maintenance Technician (CBMT)

Tips for Writing a Better Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resume

1. Highlight Your Experience: When creating your Walmart Janitorial Supervisor resume, make sure to highlight any prior janitorial experience you may have. This could include prior roles as a janitor, custodian, or other related positions. Showcase your knowledge of proper cleaning methods and techniques, as well as any safety protocols you’ve implemented in past roles.

2. Include Relevant Certifications & Training: If you have certifications or training specific to janitorial services (such as OSHA certification), be sure to include this information on your resume. This will demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and capable of performing the duties required of a Walmart Janitorial Supervisor.

3. Use Action Verbs & Keywords: When writing your resume, use action verbs and keywords associated with the role to help draw attention to your accomplishments and skills. Examples of action verbs that could be used when describing past roles include “supervised”, “trained”, “coordinated”, or “monitored”.

4. Showcase Your Leadership Qualities: As a Walmart Janitorial Supervisor, it’s important to show potential employers that you have strong leadership qualities. Demonstrate how you can motivate and manage teams effectively by highlighting any past successes in leading teams towards achieving goals or completing projects on time and within budget.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resumes

Incorporating keywords from the job description into your application for a Janitorial Supervisor position at Walmart is essential. Walmart utilizes Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help them assess potential candidates, and these systems are programmed to identify keywords that match the job description. By ensuring that your resume includes relevant keywords, you will increase the likelihood of being selected by the ATS and ultimately being considered for an interview.

The following is a list of essential skills and terms you may come across when applying for a Janitorial Supervisor position at Walmart:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
SchedulingTime Management
Problem SolvingLeadership
TeamworkSafety Procedures
Quality ControlCustomer Service
Inventory ManagementFloor Care Maintenance
Janitorial Equipment Operation and MaintenanceHazardous Material Handling and Disposal
Record KeepingConflict Resolution
Sanitation Standards ComplianceVendor Relationships

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Common Action Verbs for Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resumes

Finding varied and dynamic action verbs to use on a Walmart Janitorial Supervisor Resume can be a challenge. However, it is important to use diverse language in order to make your resume stand out from the competition. Using the same verb repeatedly will not only make your writing monotonous, but also fail to demonstrate the full range of skills you possess. Instead, try using words like “managed”, “supervised”, “coordinated”, and “streamlined” to showcase the breadth of responsibilities you have held in your previous positions. Taking the time to find descriptive words that accurately portray your accomplishments will help you create a compelling resume that employers will take notice of.

To give you an advantage in the job market, we've compiled a list of powerful action verbs that can help strengthen your resume and increase your chances of landing your next interview:

Action Verbs

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