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LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume Examples

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This article will provide crucial insights on how to craft a compelling Systems Administrator resume for LinkedIn, which can significantly improve your chances of landing the job you desire. It will delve into what potential employers might be looking for, including specific skills, relevant experience, and unique qualifications that set you apart. The article will also guide you on how to highlight your problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, and knowledge of various systems administration tools. Additionally, it will explain the importance of showcasing your ability to manage and maintain different operating systems and networks effectively. Moreover, it will also give tips on how to demonstrate your interpersonal skills essential in coordinating with teams and managing vendors.

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LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume Example

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LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume Example

Shakeia Weishaar, Systems Administrator


(273) 433-6000

Philadelphia, PA

Professional Summary

Experienced Systems Administrator with 5 years of expertise in managing, configuring, and troubleshooting various operating systems. Skilled in maintaining and enhancing system performance, implementing backups, and managing network infrastructure. Proficient in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and database management. Demonstrated strong problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and a commitment to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge. Remarkable team player with excellent communication skills, seeking to leverage these skills to improve and maintain organizational IT operations.

Work Experience

Systems Administrator at Comcast Corporation, PA

Jun 2023 - Present

  • Successfully managed the migration of over 500 workstations to a new operating system without any significant downtime, maintaining business continuity and productivity.
  • Implemented a new network security protocol that reduced system breaches by 45%, greatly enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the company.
  • Led a team to upgrade the company's server infrastructure, resulting in a 35% improvement in system performance and a 20% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Streamlined the IT ticketing process, improving response time by 30% and increasing customer satisfaction scores by 25%.

Junior Systems Administrator at Highmark Health, PA

Aug 2018 - May 2023

  • Successfully implemented a new network security system, reducing potential security threats by 40%.
  • Managed and upgraded the company's servers, resulting in a 30% increase in system performance and efficiency.
  • Led a team that revamped the company's data backup process, which increased backup reliability by 50%.
  • Developed and delivered training to over 100 employees on new software systems, improving overall productivity by 20%.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Pennsylvania State University, PA

Sep 2014 - May 2018

Relevant Coursework: Database Management, Network Security, Web Development, Programming, Systems Analysis, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Architecture, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Linux
  • PowerShell
  • VMware
  • Active Directory
  • Cisco Networking
  • SQL Server Management
  • Python Programming


  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Tips for Writing a Better LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume

1. Highlight your skills: List all the relevant skills you possess that are related to system administration. This could include knowledge of operating systems, network configuration, and server management.

2. Use keywords: Many LinkedIn recruiters use keywords to find potential candidates. Include keywords in your resume that match the job description for which you are applying.

3. Showcase your experience: Describe your past roles and responsibilities in detail. Use bullet points to highlight key tasks and achievements. Be sure to include any significant projects you've worked on or led.

4. Quantify achievements: Whenever possible, use numbers or percentages to quantify your achievements as a Systems Administrator. For example, "Managed a team of 10 technicians" or "Reduced system downtime by 25%".

5. Include certifications: If you have any relevant certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), be sure to include them in your resume.

6. Tailor your resume: Customize your resume for each job application based on the specific requirements listed in the job posting.

7. Proofread: Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your resume, as these can give an impression of unprofessionalism.

8. Write a compelling summary: Your LinkedIn summary should be a brief overview of who you are as a professional, what skills and experiences you bring to the table, and what you’re seeking in your next role.

9. Keep it concise: A well-crafted LinkedIn profile is succinct but comprehensive enough to showcase all relevant information about your career history and skills set.

10. Ask for recommendations: Recommendations from colleagues or previous employers can greatly enhance the credibility of your profile.

11.Use action verbs: Start bullet points with action verbs like managed, developed, created etc., which make more impact.

12.Professional photo: Make sure to upload a professional photo on LinkedIn as profiles with photos get more views compared to those without photos.

13.Complete all sections : Make sure all sections of LinkedIn profile are complete including volunteer work, languages spoken etc., this gives a holistic picture about yourself.

14.Be active on LinkedIn : Regularly update status with professional updates like attending conference , completed new certification etc., this keeps you visible to recruiters .

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resumes

When applying for a Systems Administrator role at LinkedIn, it's crucial to include keywords from the job description in your resume and cover letter. This is because LinkedIn, like many other companies, utilizes Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through the high volume of applications they receive. These systems scan for specific keywords related to the job role to identify the most suitable candidates. By including these keywords in your application materials, you increase your chances of passing this initial screening process and getting your application in front of a real person. For example, if the job posting mentions skills such as "network security" or "system troubleshooting," make sure these phrases appear in your resume. This strategy can significantly improve your chances of securing an interview with LinkedIn.

When applying for systems administrator positions at LinkedIn, you may encounter a list of common skills and key terms.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Network AdministrationSystem Configuration
TroubleshootingData Backup and Recovery
IT Security ProtocolsCloud Management
Disaster Recovery PlanningVirtualization
Hardware/Software Installation and MaintenanceLinux/Windows Server Management
Active Directory AdministrationDatabase Management
Network Infrastructure DesignPerformance Monitoring and Optimization
ITIL Knowledge (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)Scripting Languages (e.g., Python, Bash)
Storage Area Network (SAN) ManagementProject Management Skills
Technical SupportUnderstanding of TCP/IP protocols and LAN/WAN configuration.
Vendor Relationship Management.Excellent Communication Skills

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Common Action Verbs for LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resumes

Crafting a resume, particularly a LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume, can be a challenging task. One of the key difficulties lies in finding diverse action verbs to describe job responsibilities and achievements. Using the same verbs repetitively can make your resume monotonous and fail to showcase your skills effectively. Action verbs are significant as they not only highlight your capabilities but also demonstrate how you apply them in different situations. They add dynamism and specificity to your resume, making it more engaging for potential employers. Therefore, it's crucial to use varied action verbs when detailing your work experience on a LinkedIn Systems Administrator Resume.

To provide you with a competitive advantage, we have assembled a list of potent action verbs that can be used to enhance your resume and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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