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LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resume Examples

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This insightful article provides detailed guidance on crafting a compelling LinkedIn resume for individuals aiming to establish themselves as personal stylists. The piece thoroughly explores the essential components of an effective profile, including creating a captivating headline, writing a persuasive summary, and showcasing relevant skills and experiences. It also highlights the importance of using industry-specific keywords for better visibility, demonstrating your unique styling approach through your portfolio, and utilizing LinkedIn's recommendation feature to validate your expertise. Furthermore, it discusses how to engage with the community through meaningful content and interactions to enhance credibility and expand your network in the fashion industry. This article is an invaluable resource for aspiring personal stylists keen on leveraging LinkedIn to further their careers.

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LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resume Example

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LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resume Example

Harlie Kandrac, Personal Stylist


(210) 493-8637

Bismarck, ND

Professional Summary

Resourceful and fashion-forward Personal Stylist with 1 year of experience in assisting clients to enhance their personal image. Proficient in identifying client preferences, needs, and budget to choose the best clothing and accessories that make a positive personal and professional statement. Adept at creating innovative and stylish solutions, resulting in increased client confidence and satisfaction. Exceptional communication skills with a proven track record in building relationships with clients.

Work Experience

Personal Stylist at Fargo Personal Styling, ND

Apr 2023 - Present

  • Successfully increased client base by 60% within the first year through referrals and effective marketing strategies.
  • Led a team to organize and execute a major fashion event that attracted over 5,000 attendees, significantly raising the profile of Fargo Personal Styling.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive wardrobe management system for over 200 clients, boosting efficiency by 30%.
  • Secured a high-profile collaboration with a leading fashion brand, resulting in a 50% increase in annual revenue for Fargo Personal Styling.

Assistant Personal Stylist at Bismarck Fashion Consultants, ND

Aug 2022 - Mar 2023

  • Successfully coordinated and styled over 60 clients' wardrobes for various events, resulting in positive feedback and a 40% increase in client retention rate.
  • Developed a new client onboarding process that streamlined the styling process, reducing initial consultation times by 30% and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Initiated and executed a social media campaign showcasing before-and-after styling transformations, which attracted 300+ new followers and increased engagement by 25%.
  • Created a monthly newsletter featuring fashion tips and trends, which was well-received by clients and contributed to a 15% increase in referrals.


Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising at North Dakota State University, ND

Sep 2018 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Fashion Design, Retailing, Marketing, Business Management, Textile Science, Fashion Trends Forecasting, Visual Merchandising, Consumer Behavior, Apparel Construction, and Financial Accounting.


  • Color Theory
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • Fabric Knowledge
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Personal Shopping
  • Client Consultation


  • Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
  • Master Stylist Certification from The Fashion Stylist Institute

Tips for Writing a Better LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resume

1. Clear and Concise Job Title: Begin with a clear and concise job title that reflects your professional experience and specialization. For example, "Experienced Personal Stylist Specializing in Luxury Fashion".

2. Professional Summary: Write a compelling summary that highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements as a personal stylist. This should be tailored to the needs of your potential employers or clients.

3. Specify Your Skills: Include specific skills related to personal styling such as knowledge of current fashion trends, understanding of body shapes and color theory, excellent communication skills, etc.

4. Detail Your Work Experience: List all relevant work experiences you've had in the fashion industry or related fields. Be sure to include the company's name, your role, duration of employment and key responsibilities.

5. Showcase Achievements: Don't just list duties at previous jobs - highlight the results you achieved for your clients. This could include positive feedback received from clients or recognition from peers in the industry.

6. Use Action Verbs: Start each point under your work experience with action verbs like 'curated', 'designed', 'styled', etc., to make it more engaging.

7. Education & Certifications: Include any formal education or certifications you have received in fashion design, merchandising or related fields.

8. Portfolio Link: If possible, provide links to an online portfolio showcasing before-and-after images of your clients or other examples of your work.

9. Recommendations & Endorsements: Ask for recommendations from previous clients or colleagues who can attest to your skills as a personal stylist.

10. Keyword Optimization: Make sure to use keywords that potential employers might search for such as "personal stylist", "fashion consultant", "wardrobe consultant" etc., throughout your profile to increase its visibility in searches.

11. Keep it Updated: Regularly updating your LinkedIn profile increases its visibility and shows potential employers that you are active and engaged in the industry.

12. Join Relevant Groups: Join groups related to fashion styling on LinkedIn to network with peers in the industry and stay updated on trends.

Remember that a great LinkedIn profile is not just about listing qualifications – it’s about telling a story about who you are professionally and what makes you unique in your field.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resumes

When applying for a Personal Stylist position at LinkedIn, it is crucial to incorporate keywords from the job description into your application materials. LinkedIn, like many other companies, uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through numerous applications. These systems automatically screen applications for specific keywords related to the job role and qualifications. If your resume or cover letter does not contain these keywords, it may be automatically discarded by the ATS before it even reaches a human recruiter. By using appropriate keywords from the job description, you increase your chances of passing this initial screening process and moving forward in the hiring process.

When applying for personal stylist positions at LinkedIn, you may encounter a list of common skills and key terms.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Fashion KnowledgeTrend Awareness
Visual StylingColor Theory Understanding
Body Shape AnalysisPersonal Shopping
Client Relationship ManagementCommunication Skills
CreativityAttention to Detail
Time ManagementBudgeting Skills
Negotiation SkillsFashion Forecasting
Brand KnowledgeProduct Knowledge
Multitasking AbilityProblem-Solving Skills
Decision-Making SkillsCultural Awareness
Adaptability and FlexibilityTact and Diplomacy

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Common Action Verbs for LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resumes

Crafting a compelling LinkedIn Personal Stylist Resume can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to selecting diverse action verbs to describe your skills and experiences. Using repetitive or common verbs can make your resume seem bland and fail to capture the attention of potential employers. The use of varied action verbs is crucial as it not only enhances the readability of your resume but also paints a vivid picture of your capabilities and achievements. These powerful words can effectively convey your professional narrative and set you apart from other candidates. Therefore, finding different action verbs to use on your resume is not just about avoiding repetition, but it's about accurately showcasing your unique professional persona and making an impression that lasts.

In order to enhance your competitive advantage, we have assembled a list of potent action verbs that can be utilized to fortify your resume and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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