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Costco Food Court Employee Resume Examples

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This article will provide you with valuable information and guidance on how to create an effective resume for a food court employee position at Costco. We will discuss the essential sections to include, such as objective statement, work experience, education, and skills. Moreover, we'll highlight specific examples of achievements and responsibilities that are relevant to the role and demonstrate your ability to excel in a fast-paced retail environment. Additionally, we'll offer tips on tailoring your resume to match Costco's company culture and values, showcasing your customer service orientation and teamwork abilities. By following these recommendations, you will be well-prepared to craft a compelling resume that sets you apart from other candidates and increases your chances of landing an interview for a food court employee position at Costco.

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Costco Food Court Employee Resume Example

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Costco Food Court Employee Resume Example

Mackayla Luckey, Food Court Employee


(795) 969-5867

27 Maple Street, Concord, NH 03301

Professional Summary

As a dedicated Food Court Employee with over a year of experience, I have honed my skills in customer service, food preparation, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment. My time spent working in a fast-paced food court setting has equipped me with the ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks simultaneously, ensuring that orders are prepared accurately and served in a timely manner. I am well-versed in adhering to strict food safety guidelines and have a proven track record of creating a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. With my strong work ethic and passion for providing excellent service, I have consistently contributed to a positive dining experience for customers.

Work Experience

Food Court Attendant at Cafua Management Company, NH

Mar 2023 - Present

  • Successfully managed and served an average of 400 customers daily, ensuring timely and efficient service while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Increased overall food court revenue by 15% over a one-year period by implementing effective upselling techniques and promoting special offers to customers.
  • Reduced food waste by 20% through careful inventory management and implementing proper food storage procedures, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.

Food Court Associate at The Common Man Family of Restaurants, NH

Jul 2022 - Feb 2023

  • Successfully increased overall customer satisfaction by 15% within six months through efficient service, attention to detail, and effective communication with both customers and team members.
  • Streamlined food preparation processes, reducing average wait times by 10% and contributing to a 20% increase in daily foot traffic at The Common Man Family of Restaurants food court location.
  • Implemented an innovative upselling strategy that led to a consistent 25% increase in monthly sales of premium menu items, resulting in higher revenue and improved customer dining experiences.


Certificate in Food Service Operations at Lakes Region Community College, Laconia, NH

Aug 2017 - May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Food Safety and Sanitation, Menu Planning and Design, Culinary Techniques, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Production Systems, Cost Control and Inventory Management, Customer Service, and Beverage Management.


  • Customer service
  • Cash handling
  • Food preparation
  • Time management
  • Cleanliness and sanitation
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork


  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification
  • National Restaurant Association Customer Service Certificate

Tips for Writing a Better Costco Food Court Employee Resume

1. Use a clear and concise format: Make sure your resume is easy to read and well-organized. Use bullet points, headings, and subheadings to break up large blocks of text. Choose a simple, professional font like Arial or Times New Roman.

2. Tailor your resume to the specific job: Carefully read the job description for the Costco Food Court position and tailor your resume accordingly. Highlight relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications that match what the employer is looking for.

3. Focus on accomplishments: Instead of simply listing job duties from previous positions, emphasize achievements and successes you had in those roles. Use numbers and statistics where possible to provide concrete examples of how you made a positive impact.

4. Include relevant skills: List any skills that are relevant to working in a food court environment, such as customer service, cash handling, food preparation or safety certifications (e.g., ServSafe).

5. Emphasize teamwork: As a Costco Food Court employee, you will be working closely with other team members to ensure smooth operations. Be sure to highlight any experiences where you demonstrated strong collaboration or teamwork skills.

6. Keep it brief: Your resume should ideally be one page long – two pages at most if you have extensive experience in the industry.

7. Proofread carefully: Ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in your resume by proofreading it multiple times before submitting it to potential employers.

8. Include volunteer work or internships: If you have limited work experience in the food service industry but have completed relevant volunteer work or internships, include these on your resume as they can showcase valuable transferable skills.

9. Highlight promotions or leadership roles: If you have been promoted within previous jobs or held leadership positions (even if not directly related to food service), make sure to mention these on your resume as they demonstrate growth and responsibility.

10. Consider using a summary statement instead of an objective: A summary statement briefly outlines your key qualifications and experiences, making it easier for employers to quickly assess your fit for the role. This can be more effective than an objective statement, which often focuses on what you want from the job rather than what you can offer the employer.

Remember to always be honest about your experience and skills – never exaggerate or lie on your resume. With a well-crafted resume tailored to the Costco Food Court position, you'll have a better chance of landing an interview and ultimately securing the job.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Costco Food Court Employee Resumes

Incorporating keywords from the job description when applying for a Food Court Employee opportunity at Costco is crucial, as the company uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter and rank candidates. These systems scan resumes and applications for specific keywords related to the job description, skills, and qualifications. By including relevant keywords in your application, you increase your chances of passing through the ATS and being considered for the position. Failing to do so may result in your application being overlooked or rejected by the system, even if you possess the necessary skills and experience for the role. Therefore, it is essential to carefully read the job description and tailor your resume accordingly, highlighting your relevant skills as a Food Court Employee at Costco.

When applying for food court employee positions at Costco, you may encounter common skills and key terms such as customer service, food preparation, cash handling, inventory management, and sanitation.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Customer serviceCash handling
Food preparationTime management
Cleanliness and hygieneMultitasking
Communication skillsTeamwork
Inventory managementBasic math skills
Point of sale (POS) system operationFood safety knowledge
Problem-solving abilitiesAttention to detail
Adaptability and flexibilityMenu knowledge
Conflict resolutionOrder accuracy
Organizational skillsSales techniques
Compliance with health regulationsInterpersonal skills

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Common Action Verbs for Costco Food Court Employee Resumes

Crafting a resume for a Costco Food Court Employee position can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting appropriate action verbs to showcase your skills and experiences. It's crucial to avoid repetitive language and choose varied verbs that not only catch the attention of potential employers but also accurately represent your abilities. By using diverse and powerful action verbs, you can effectively demonstrate your competence as a Costco Food Court Employee, making your resume stand out from the competition and increasing your chances of landing an interview.

To provide you with a competitive advantage, we have curated a list of impactful action verbs to enhance your resume and secure your next interview:

Action Verbs

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