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Amazon Robotics Engineer Resume Examples

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This article will provide a comprehensive guide to writing a resume for Amazon, tailored specifically for those applying as Robotics Engineers. It will outline the key skills and experience required of a successful applicant, and provide guidance on how to best showcase these qualifications in order to stand out from the competition. Additionally, it will offer tips on how to highlight relevant research projects, internships, and coursework that may be applicable to the position.

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Amazon Robotics Engineer Resume Example

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Amazon Robotics Engineer Resume Example

Shiniece Brookens, Robotics Engineer


(381) 566-9672

Charleston, WV

Professional Summary

I am a Robotics Engineer with over 3 years of experience in designing, building, and testing systems for industrial applications. I have experience in programming, software engineering, and mechatronics. My expertise lies in designing intelligent robotic systems and embedded control systems for automation applications. I have a strong background in developing algorithms for robot navigation and path planning, as well as developing robotic vision systems. I have also worked on projects involving the integration of robotic systems with existing manufacturing lines. My experience in the robotics field has enabled me to develop strong problem-solving, analytical, and project management skills.

Work Experience

Robotics Engineer at NASA IV&V Facility, WV

Dec 2022 - Present

  • Developed an autonomous navigation system for a Mars Rover prototype, increasing its accuracy by 30% and reducing mission costs by $1.5M: As part of the NASA IV&V Facility team in West Virginia, I developed an autonomous navigation system for a Mars rover prototype using advanced robotics engineering principles. This new technology increased the rover's accuracy from 70-100%, resulting in significant cost savings estimated at $1.5 million over previous missions relying on manual controls only.
  • Developed algorithms to detect obstacles within 5 meters with 97% precision rate: Utilizing my knowledge of robotics engineering fundamentals and programming languages such as C++ & Python; I was able to develop algorithms that could accurately detect any potential obstacle or hazard up to five meters away with high degree of success (97%).
  • Designed robotic arm capable of lifting 150kgs materials efficiently : Through creative design techniques based upon mechanical components like servo motors and actuators combined with complex mathematical equations derived through computer simulations -I designed a robotic arm which had capability lift heavy objects weighing up150 kgs without experiencing too much strain on other parts due it’s smart load balancing algorithm .
  • Created 3D mapping software enabling rovers ability navigate unknown terrain safely : To further enhance safety features , i created custom made 3d mapping software allowing mars rovers traverse unfamiliar terrains while avoiding hazardous areas along way thus ensuring safe journey even when dealing unexpected situations.

Robotics Engineer I at Savari Inc., WV

Jul 2020 - Nov 2022

  • Developed and deployed an autonomous driving system for Savari Inc., WV, resulting in a 20% reduction of average travel time.
  • Designed mobile robotic systems to inspect railway tracks with increased accuracy by 45%.
  • Increased the reliability of remote control vehicles used in hazardous environments from 75-95%, reducing safety incidents by 30%.
  • Created algorithms that enabled robots to detect objects more accurately at distances up to 25 feet away using visual cues, improving detection rate by 60%.


Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Aug 2016 - May 2020

Relevant Coursework: Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanics, Control Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.


  • Robotics
  • Programming
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Control Systems
  • CAD/CAM Designing
  • Automation


  • Certified Robotics Engineer (CRE)
  • Certified Robotic Process Automation Professional (CRPAP)

Tips for Writing a Better Amazon Robotics Engineer Resume

1. Highlight Your Technical Expertise: To stand out from the competition, highlight your technical expertise and knowledge of robotics engineering. List any relevant certifications or training you’ve completed as well as any experience you have working with Amazon Robotics.

2. Showcase Your Leadership Abilities: Employers are always looking for candidates who have the potential to lead teams and projects. Show off your leadership skills by highlighting any team projects or initiatives you’ve led in the past.

3. Focus on Results and Deliverables: Be sure to highlight the results of your work and any deliverables that you achieved while working on a project or initiative. This will demonstrate that you can achieve tangible results when working on robotics engineering tasks.

4. Include Relevant Keywords: If you want your resume to be found, make sure it is optimized with relevant keywords related to Amazon Robotics engineering roles. Include words like “robotics systems design,” “mechatronics,” and “automation development” where applicable throughout your resume so recruiters can easily find it when searching for qualified candidates.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Amazon Robotics Engineer Resumes

The use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) by companies like Amazon has made it essential for applicants to incorporate keywords from the job description when applying for a role. This is especially important when applying for a robotics engineering job, as ATS are programmed to pick up on specific words and phrases that are relevant to the position. By including these keywords in your application materials, you will increase your chances of being noticed and selected by the company’s recruiters.

When applying for a robotics engineer position at Amazon, you may encounter the following common skills and key terms:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Computer VisionMachine Learning
Control SystemsCAD/CAM
Mechanical EngineeringSensors and Actuators
Embedded SystemsArtificial Intelligence
AlgorithmsD Modeling
Data AnalysisMotion Planning
Networking ProtocolsSimulation and Modeling
System Design and IntegrationTroubleshooting and Debugging
Robotics Software DevelopmentRobotics Hardware Development

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Common Action Verbs for Amazon Robotics Engineer Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on a resume can be challenging. It is important to use different and varied verbs in order to create an effective Amazon Robotics Engineer Resume. Action verbs such as "developed," "designed," "implemented," "programmed," and "tested" are all words that can be used to describe the engineering experience. Additionally, verbs such as “managed,” “coordinated,” “monitored,” and “administered” would also be useful for highlighting any leadership or organizational roles that you have held in the past. Finally, it is important to use specific industry-related words such as “automated” or “optimized” when describing your experience with Amazon Robotics. By including a variety of action words on your resume, you will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this field.

To give you an advantage over the competition, we've compiled a list of powerful action verbs you can use to enhance your resume and increase your chances of landing your next interview:

Action Verbs

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