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Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resume Examples

This article provides examples of resumes for Amazon Embedded Software Engineers, highlighting the skills and experience necessary to be successful in this position.

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This article provides a guide on how to write an effective resume for an Embedded Software Engineer role at Amazon. It will cover the key elements to focus on and provide tips on highlighting your relevant skills, such as experience with embedded software engineering, programming languages, and development platforms. Additionally, it will provide advice on how to showcase your background in a way that best demonstrates your abilities to potential employers.

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Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resume Example

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Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resume Example

Bernardine Kantz, Embedded Software Engineer


(125) 833-1172

Baltimore, MD

Professional Summary

As an Embedded Software Engineer with over 2 years of experience, I have developed a variety of software solutions for microcontroller-based systems. I have experience in the development of embedded systems and software, as well as designing, implementing, and debugging of embedded systems in both assembly and C language. I have an in-depth knowledge of microprocessors, digital signal processing, and embedded control systems. I am familiar with designing and developing real-time embedded systems, debugging and troubleshooting embedded firmware, and software optimization techniques. I have also developed applications for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. My strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills have enabled me to successfully implement numerous software solutions.

Work Experience

Lead Embedded Software Engineer at John Deere Electronic Solutions, MD

Sep 2022 - Present

  • Developed an embedded software system that improved product quality and reliability by 20%, resulting in a reduction of warranty claims from customers.
  • Led the development team on a project to develop advanced algorithms for automation control, which decreased production time by 25% while increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Spearheaded the effort to design and test new hardware components for John Deere’s tractor systems, reducing costs associated with parts replacement by 30%.
  • Successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams across multiple departments within John Deere Electronic Solutions (MD) to reduce debugging cycle times 50%.

Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin Corporation, MD

Jul 2021 - Jul 2022

  • Developed an embedded software system for the F-35 fighter jet that achieved a 99.9% success rate in flight tests, reducing overall costs by $1 million annually.
  • Designed and implemented an innovative real time operating system (RTOS) architecture to improve aircraft performance standards of Lockheed Martin’s unmanned aerial vehicle fleet, resulting in increased efficiency with 40% less energy consumption per mission compared to competitors’ models.
  • Led team efforts on several major projects including development of advanced navigation technologies for autonomous drones utilized during combat operations which resulted in decreased response times from 30 minutes down to 10 seconds – saving lives and increasing operational effectiveness significantly.
  • Developed high quality code utilizing C++ programming language while adhering strictly to FAA guidelines; this ensured safety protocols were met at all stages throughout product life cycle thus allowing safer air travel across United States airspace after successful certification process was completed within 6 months ahead of schedule.


Bachelor of Science in Embedded Software Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Aug 2017 - May 2021

Relevant Coursework: Programming, Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Embedded Software Engineering.


  • C/C++
  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Systems
  • Debugging
  • Firmware Development
  • Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Electronics Design


  • Certified Embedded Software Engineer (CESE)
  • Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP)

Tips for Writing a Better Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resume

1. Focus on Your Technical Skills: When writing your resume, make sure to highlight your technical skills and experience in embedded software engineering. Include details of programming languages, software development tools, and operating systems you have used.

2. Describe Your Projects: Include a section that outlines the projects you have worked on as an embedded software engineer at Amazon. Provide details about the scope of the project, any challenges you faced, and how you overcame them.

3. Highlight Your Achievements: If you have achieved any awards or recognition for your work as an embedded software engineer at Amazon, be sure to include this information in your resume. This will show potential employers that you are capable of producing high quality work and meeting deadlines efficiently.

4. Use Relevant Keywords: When preparing your resume, be sure to use relevant keywords throughout so that it can be easily found by recruiters searching for qualified candidates in Amazon’s database.

5. Keep it Relevant and Concise: Make sure that all content included in your resume is relevant to the role of an embedded software engineer at Amazon and keep it concise and easy to read.

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Key Skills Hiring Managers Look for on Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resumes

When applying for an Embedded Software Engineer opportunity at Amazon, it is important to incorporate keywords from the job description into your application. This is because Amazon utilizes Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help filter and rank applicants. ATS are programmed to search for specific keywords in resumes and cover letters, so including relevant words and phrases from the job description will ensure that your application is seen by a hiring manager. Furthermore, using the same language as the job description indicates that you have read and understand what the position entails.

When applying for an embedded software engineering position at Amazon, you may come across various skills and key terms that are commonly associated with the job.

Key Skills and Proficiencies
C/C++Embedded Systems
Real-Time Operating SystemsMicrocontrollers
Firmware DevelopmentDebugging
System Architecture DesignPCB Design and Layout
Interfacing Peripherals (I2C, SPI, UART, etc.)Protocols (CAN, Ethernet, USB)
Software Testing and ValidationDevice Drivers
Communication NetworksLow Level Programming
Algorithm Design and OptimizationObject Oriented Programming
Power Management StrategiesRTOS Configuration and Tuning
Scripting Languages (Python, Bash)Version Control (Git)
Agile MethodologyEmbedded Linux

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Common Action Verbs for Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resumes

Finding the right action verbs to use on a resume can be difficult, especially when trying to create an Amazon Embedded Software Engineer Resume. It is important to use varied and powerful verbs that demonstrate the skills you have acquired in order to stand out from other applicants. Examples of action words for this position include programmed, developed, tested, debugged, modified, and implemented. By using these words throughout your resume, you will be able to show employers that you have the technical expertise and experience necessary for success in this role.

To give you a leg up in the job search, here's a list of strong action verbs to help boost your resume and increase your chances of landing an interview:

Action Verbs

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